Dark Spectre in the Cemetery

Dark Spectre in the Cemetery

Several years ago, my dog and I were on our nightly walk through the cemetery near our home. Usually, our moonlit walks are fairly uneventful . . . we might see a herd of deer or a raccoon once-in-a-while. Sometimes, though, we encounter something or someone very unexpected.

We followed our usual trail, meandering through the gravestones, saying our nightly hello to little Emmerence, born in 1917 and dead in 1921; and, his sister, Anna, born in 1921 and dead by 1924.

I was chattering away to my four-legged buddy, Goku, about various subjects, when he suddenly darted away from me and started to bark vehemently. This was very unusual. Actually, I don’t believe he had ever done such a thing in all our years of nightly walks.

“What in the world are you barking at, Goku?” I walked a little closer to him, to see what he was so excited about. As I followed his gaze to a large Celtic marker, I was startled to see a tall man, dressed in dark clothes, nonchalantly leaning against the cold granite.

I began to scream loudly. I don’t know why, just seemed to be my instinctual reaction that night. The tall, dark man remained as he was, not moving at all. I felt rather ridiculous screaming, so I stopped, and laughed a little.

“I’m not used to seeing anyone here,” I said.

“Nor am I,” he replied.

“I supposed you heard me talking to my dog. I’m not used to anyone here listening to me.” Why on earth I felt the need to defend my eccentricity to this unexpected entity, I have no idea.

The dark man replied, “I’m not used to anyone listening to me either.”

The fact that the creature had not moved at all, and was still leaning insouciantly against the granite marker, began to make me feel uncomfortable, although not really frightened. It was just so very odd.

Goku had stopped barking, but was looking at the being with his little head cocked to one side, and a puzzled expression on his face (Yes, I can read my best friend’s expressions very well).

I decided it was time to go, and told him to have a good night. He wished the same for me, and Goku and I went on our way.

We have walked through the cemetery nearly every night since for years, and have never again encountered the dark man.

I am not certain whether I encountered a living human being, or something else. When I tell the story, most people remark that it had to be something else. They ask, “Who would be in the cemetery at midnight?”

I was.

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