Creating Positive Surroundings

Creating Positive Surroundings
"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Jim Rohn

My article Positively Living offers great suggestions for getting your positive life off to a great start by changing our words, our thoughts, and what we allow into our thought space. Creating positive surroundings is the next step. The intention of a positive life starts with you. Your home and your friends are your surroundings and they should reflect your intentions. While your home requires physical intentions, as you grow the friends you keep will become a simple side affect. Let’s begin.

Your home should be a reflection of who you are or who you would be most comfortable being. One of the best ways to change the energy flow of your home is to have your home blessed. A Shaman, Celebrant, Clergy person, or Feng Shui Consultant one can do the honors. You give the house a good cleaning and let them do the rest. Your house blessing might include a smudging, prayer, or holy water ritual. It should start outside the door of your home, make its way through each and every room, and out the back door. Some blessings will come with furniture placement suggestions or rearrangements. A blessing is a bonding, an acknowledging that the home is a member of the family that dwells within. It becomes a moment of love and agreement. It is appointing the home as protector and promising to care for it.

Not into house blessings, add new design concepts to your home that reflect your most positive intentions. Adding new plants or fresh flowers adds a bit of new life and renewal to your home. Add a water feature for good flow and cleansing of energies. Lighten your space with brighter colored walls or mirrors that reflect natural light from the windows you have. Natural light creates higher spirits and lightened energy. Add positive inscriptions to your walls. Most importantly, bless your doorway with a welcome mat on the floor, a note of positive intention on the door, or symbolic item in the entryway. The idea is to keep the positive energy in and the negative energy out.

Post affirmations in a place where you will see them several times a day. Recite them each time. Create a collage of positive images and post them where you will see them frequently. Recreate those images, with you in them, everyday upon awakening and before you go to bed.

Next, take a closer look at your relationships. It is said that you are the average of your five closest friends. What does that mean? Should you assess your friends and get a better idea of who you are? Or does that mean if you are aiming for something different than the life you currently lead, you should find five new friends with more positive lifestyles? Either way, a more positive you will most often result in a change of those that surround you. Either you will become a role model, people will move on, or you will become too busy to entertain energies that weigh you down.

5 easy ways to begin:

1) Be supportive with your words. This does not mean agreeing with friends when their actions are less than positive. It does mean supporting your friends in being the best person they can be. It also means avoiding gossip. You get what you give. Uplift those you love and the Universe will uplift you as well.

2) Rise above fear. Recognize that positive actions are loving actions and anything else is fear. When indulging in negative actions, identify the fear and figure out how to overcome it with love.

3) Make life fun. Challenge yourself to one intentionally fun/silly moment each week. Make plans with friends to go bowling, play ping pong, or record a silly dance craze for YouTube each week. In other words, do something that causes you to Laugh Out Loud.

4) Find an activity that allows you to be present or meditative while in action. Heart/hand crafts (knitting, crocheting, scrapbooking, cooking, and sewing are great examples) are great examples of this.

5) Journal. Pay attention to your progress and note your gratitude. You will begin to notice (what seems like) accidental blessings that make your intentions simpler. The more you appreciate, the more they occur.

Be inspired. Be an inspiration…

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