Sarah and Her Phantom Crew

Sarah and Her Phantom Crew

Two friends from Portland, Maine, George Leverett and Charles Jose, planned to make a fortune together as sailors.

In 1812, they left Portland for the Soule Shipyard of South Freeport, excited about the building of their own ship.

As if often the case, a young woman entered the picture, and both men were smitten. Sarah Soule was the daughter of the boatyard owner.

George won the affections of Sarah, enraging Charles who tried to push his old friend and his horse off a bridge into the Royal River. Charles left the area soon after this, possibly headed to the West Indies.

George and Sarah made plans to marry after their ship, Sarah, was launched in September of that year. Several minor incidents occurred during the couple’s wedding ceremony, but at last George and Sarah became Mr. and Mrs. Leverett.

A short time later, Sarah left Freeport for Portland to pick up her first cargo to take to the West Indies.

A flagless ship seemed to be following ship Sarah, which turned out to be Don Pedro Salazar, captained by Charles Jose.

Sarah and her mother disembarked at Portland to return home by stagecoach.

Near Clapboard Island, ship Sarah was stopped by a band of sailors demanding that Mrs. Leverett be handed over to them. Upon discovering that she was not on board her namesake, the sailors left.

Hours later, after passing Portland Harbor, the Don Pedro Salazar was noticed to be following Sarah down the eastern Seaboard.

Captain Leverett decided to change his course and head to Nassau to report the Salazar. Immediately, a skull and crossbones flag was raised on Don Pedro Salazar, and cannons were brought on deck.

The Salazar crew attacked Sarah, killing all crew members except Captain Leverett, whom they tied to the mainmast while they looted his ship. He was left floating on the sea.

Fading in and out of consciousness, and left to die, Captain George Leverett was amazed to see the bodies of his dead crew wordlessly reanimating and taking up their positions on Sarah.

The faithful and devoted crew brought their captain to safety near Harpswell, Maine, where they lowered him down to the sea in a lifeboat and transported him and his log book to shore, placing him on a grassy bank.

Fog swept in immediately, obliterating Sarah and the dead sailors. When the fog lifted, Sarah was gone.

Many swear they have seen Sarah sailing on the coast of Maine with its loyal crew on board.

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