Killer Melon Heads of Kirtland

Killer Melon Heads of Kirtland

Not long after WWII ended, the federal government hired a doctor to treat hydrocephalic children at his remote orphanage-type institute, Sumner Cottage, in Kirtland, Ohio.

Unfortunately, the physician hired wasn’t the best choice. Dr. Crow (or Kroh) was an evil man, abusing his patients, and performing inhuman experiments on the suffering children.

The children were kept in cages, and the insane physician would inject the children’s water-laden brains with additional water, expose them to radiation, and use other methods to physically and mentally torture his patients.

Many of the young victims of Dr. Crow’s torture died, and were buried close by in the King Memorial Cemetery.

Some of Dr. Crow’s victims did not die, but became feral and uncontrollable because of the abuse. Eventually, the children rebelled against their tormentor, and attacked the doctor in his laboratory.

The assault was extremely vicious. The doctor was literally torn apart and devoured. During the attack, a fire was started and the lab and surrounding buildings were destroyed. The wild children had nowhere to go, but into the surrounding woods.

There is another story that wicked Dr. Crow was married to a kindly woman who was loved by the children. One night Dr. Crow and his wife were arguing and Mrs. Crow was killed, either intentionally or by accident, when she fell against a cabinet and hit her head.

The children became enraged and blamed the doctor, viciously killing him and burning down the institute.

Since that time many decades ago, there have been numerous reports of short, naked creatures with oversized heads in the woods near Wisner Road in Kirtland, Ohio attacking humans and animals.

The locals call the creatures "melon heads," and it is advised to wear dark clothing if traveling through the area at night. The wild children are said to have poor eyesight!

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