The King’s Tavern of Natchez

The King’s Tavern of Natchez

Not your “typical” haunted inn, The King’s Tavern has had some particularly horrific crimes take place in its history, including the appalling murder of an infant whose cries are heard to this day.

When Richard King first bought the building for the tavern in 1789, it was just an old house. It had been built in 1769 from bricks, and beams scrapped from dismantled sailing ships. The building was originally built to be used as a block house for Fort Panmure during the British occupation of Natchez.

King moved his family in, and transformed part of their home into a profitable tavern and inn, the first post office in town, and now the oldest remaining building in Natchez.

An outlaw called “Big Harpe” was staying at the inn when he became angered by the sound of a crying baby. He found the source of his ire, and snatched it from its mother arms. Before she could stop him, the brutal beast threw the infant against a wall. He then went back to the bar and ordered another beer. Employees and patrons often hear a baby crying in the vacant rooms and attic of the inn.

Richard King had a very jealous wife. She had reason to feel as she did because Richard was carrying on an affair right in their very home! The object of his passion was a young girl, Madeline, a family servant. Soon after the affair was discovered by Mrs. King, Madeline disappeared!

Madeline’s remains, with a jeweled dagger in her chest, were found in the 1930s by the owners, the Postalwaith family, during a renovation which included expanding the chimney wall.

The Postalwaiths bought the property in 1823, and the home stayed in the family for a century and a half.

The bodies of two men (thought to be slaves, but whose identities are still unknown), were found in another chimney during the 1930s renovation.

Soon after these discoveries, strange apparitions, sounds, and activity began to occur at the inn.

Doors open and close by themselves, objects fall off shelves, water faucets turn off and on, and ghostly images are seen on the staircases.

Water that does no damage and leaves no indication of leakage is seen pouring from the ceiling to the floor. Chairs dance. A fireplace warms the room, when there is not even a spark in the hearth.

The solid apparition of a young woman thought to be Madeline is seen often throughout the inn. Sometimes her boredom leads her to mischief like walking across freshly mopped floors!

The image of a man in period clothing sometimes appears in photographs taken in the area of the fireplace where the two dead men were found.

Uncomfortable feelings often accompany these sightings, such as a tightness in the upper part of the body. Dishes have also been thrown at patrons and employees.

There is a mirror on an upper floor that is said to reflect images of someone that isn’t there. There is a bed that emits warmth when you hold your hand above it.

A reporter once heard voices while photographing the upstairs, although no one was around at the time.

In addition to the restaurant’s reputation for the paranormal, it is also said to serve a fantastic steak, and awesome seafood! That enticement alone is well worth a visit in my mind!

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