Beer Trivia for Master Geeks

Beer Trivia for Master Geeks

How much do you really know about beer? Look over these questions and test your knowledge like a true lover of beer.

Q. True or False: In 1965, a Belgian royal decree mandated that lambics must contain a minimum of 35% wheat.
A. True

Q. What beer accounts for 85% of all German beer exports to the U.S.? Hint: It is Germany’s top export beer.
A. Beck’s

Q. What state has had more breweries in its history than any other state?
A. Pennsylvania

Q. What is the world’s oldest trademark?
A. The Bass symbol, a red triangle, registered in 1876.

Q. Bottle caps, also known as “crowns," were invented in 1892 by William Painter. To what continent did he ship a few hundred cases of beer, round trip, to prove they would not leak?
A. South America

Q. What 1983 arcade game challenges players to coordinate the movements of beer, bartenders, empty beer mugs, and customers?
A. Tapper

Q. Who had established his own brewhouse on the grounds of Mount Vernon?
A. George Washington

Q. What beer was the first beer to win a blue ribbon at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893?
A. Pabst, thus earning the title, “Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Q. What is the oldest brewery in North America?
A. Molson, established in 1786.

Q. What is the oldest brewery in the United States?
A. Yuengling, established in 1829.

Q. What happens when you toss salted peanuts into a glass of beer?
A. The peanuts dance.

Q. What are you called if you collect beer bottles?
A. A labeorphilist. (Pronounced: lab-ee-or-fill-ist)

Q. What is the national drink of Belgium?
A. Beer

Q. King Gambrinus, referred to as the Patron Saint of Brewers, is really a corruption of what name?
A. Jan Primus

Q. Choose A or B: Meadophily (pronounced Meed-o-fie-lee) is the study of
A. Beer Bottle labels OR
B. Honey Beer, also known as Mead
Answer: A. Beer Bottle Labels

Q. Which country has the most individual beer brands?
A. Belgium - with 400

Q. Multiple Choice (choose one) Who was the first American to brew lager?
A. John Wagner
B. George Washington
C. August Busch
D. John Miller
Answer: John Wagner - in 1840, in a small Philadelphia brewery in the rear of his house on St. John Street.

Q. Choose A or B: Cenosillicaphobia (pronounces Sen-oh-sill-ik- a-foh-bee-a)is:
A. The fear of an empty glass OR
B. The fear of brewing yeast
Answer: A. The fear of an empty glass.

Q. Choose A or B: What is the best-selling brand outside the US in the Western Hemisphere?
A. Corona OR
B. Brahma Beer
Answer: B - Brahma Beer

Q. What beer was called “The Champagne of Bottled Beers"?
A. Miller High Life

Q. When Yuengling was established in 1829, it was not called Yuengling. What was it’s first name?
A. The Eagle Brewery

Q. What is the name of the bar at the Yuengling Brewery?
A. The Rathskeller

Q. How did Yuengling remain open during prohibition?
A. They sold near-beer at 0.5% ABV. They also established Yuengling Dairy and made ice cream and other dairy products.

Q. What is another name for smoked beer?
A. Rauchbier or Bamberg Beer

Q. What is the process of converting barley into malt called?
A. Malting

Q. Traditionally, this was a heavy dark beer brewed in the winter and ready to drink in the spring. What style is this?
A. Bock

Q. Choose A or B. - On a beer bottle, ABV means:
A. Alpha Bittering Value
B. Alcohol by Volume
Answer: B - Alcohol by Volume

Q. A Jim Morrison song is actually one of the most mis-quoted phrases since being published. The actual words are: Well I woke up this morning and I got myself _________________.
A. “a beard." According to the book, Light My Fire by Ray Manzarek, a colleague of Morrison's, the song refers to Morrison's waking after an alleged three weeks of drug-induced sleep.


Do you want to know more about beer? Here are two must-have books on beer that are an absolute necessity for your personal bookshelf:

The Beer Book, written by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and star of the Discovery Channel TV show, BREWED
Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drink by Randy Mosher, also author of Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales and World-Altering Meditations in a Glass

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