The Beast of Bladenboro, North Carolina

The Beast of Bladenboro, North Carolina
The Beast of Bladenboro, or the Beast of Bolivia, is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of animals in 1954. Recently, reports of pets and livestock being killed in a two hundred-mile range, has incited people to start wondering if the monster they dealt with, in 1954, might be back.

More than fifty years ago, in Bladenboro, in 1954, animals were discovered attacked in a similar fashion. Finding unusual footprints, a beast was tracked through the woods by a large posse of men with hunting dogs and flood lights.

Though rarely seen, the beast was sighted on an evening in January of 1954. A young woman walked out on her porch, and saw a huge beast about twenty feet away. It was brown, and looked to weight about 150 pounds. The next day, large “paw” prints were found all over the property.

The sightings lasted for ten days, then disappeared. “Crazy noises” accompanied the sightings, including squeals, “catlike” roars, and what sounded like a baby crying.

Parents would not let their children outside after dark. Residents of nearby towns refused to visit Bladenboro. Men wouldn’t leave their homes without firearms. Dogs were locked up inside buildings for safety.

Animals are again being found with their throats ripped open, and their blood removed. Something almost five feet tall, with a catlike face and vampire teeth, has been sighted in the area. Victims appear to struggle very little when attacked.

In September of 2007, sixty goats were found murdered and drained of blood, in Lexington, North Carolina. Glenda and Bruce Floyd, owners of the one hundred acre farm where the goats were attacked, found the goats dead early one morning. Their necks had been ripped open, bodies drained of blood, and then left uneaten with no other marks. Thirty miles northeast of Lexington, in Greensboro, Billy Yow’s goats were also massacred in the same senseless way.

In October, Bolivian resident, Bill Robinson found his three-year-old Pit Bull gutted. Robinson buried his pet “a fair distance away,” but the next morning, discovered the carcass in the same spot where he had found it originally.

Four days after Bill found his Pit Bull, Leon Williams, a neighbor, found his two-year-old Pit Bull, dead, with his chain “stretched out across the ditch.” He was covered in blood, and pieces of him were missing. There were no signs of a struggle. The remains were examined by a vet, and it was determined that the dog had died of blood loss, and a possible head dislocation.

The two dogs were two of the ten canines found murdered in the areas of Brown, Midway, and Rutland Roads in Brunswick County, during a two-week period. The tracks, four and a half inches in diameter, were very similar to those found in 1954.

A resident living on Brown Road, Robert Smith, has been finding tracks around the church, and in neighborhood gardens. He commented that he has never before seen tracks likes these. “My fist could fit in it,” he said.

The animal services department in the county investigated the predator's tracks and droppings, but never conclusively determined what had attacked the dogs.

At the Buddhist monastery in the area, Abbott Phra Vidhuradhammaporn was awakened early one morning by a loud sound that he was unable to identify. It sounded like “DOOM.” Because it was nighttime, he “did not want to go out.”

Animal Behaviorist, Kay Cox, told Monsterquest in their episode on Vampire Beasts, that she knows of no animal that could take down a 120-pound Pit Bull silently. The beast, whatever it may be, evidently does not alert the dogs to its approach. What animal kills for a reason other than food or fear? Is it killing to mark its territory?

Bladenboro, North Carolina, has made the beast business a lucrative one, as they have an annual Beastfest every year in October. If you are interested in tracking this cryptid, Beastfest might be a good place to start for further information. Researchers and cryptozoologists are often requested to speak at the festival.

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