The Disappearing Levi 501s

The Disappearing Levi 501s

Nothing is more frustrating to me then trying to find a pair of matching socks from my considerable collection. Although I live alone with my dog (and he cares naught for my foot wear), I have no doubt at all that some kind of thieving being steals the mates to the majority of my socks. So far, though, socks are the only items in my wardrobe that disappear.

Betty Ann Morken of Roseau County, Minnesota, claims two male ghosts, John and Sam, are haunting their farm house, and stealing her husband's Levi blue jeans!

Three pair have disappeared so far, and Betty Ann has no doubt that ghosts are responsible!

Betty Ann and her family are third-generation owners of the secluded farm house. Doug, Betty Ann's husband, owned the home, and was in the process of remodeling, when she moved into the house in 1987.

It wasn't until the remodeling stopped that items began to disappear. First, tools started missing. Next, a pair of Doug's Levi 501 blue jeans.

After searching the entire house, Betty Ann decided to just buy a second pair of her husband's favorite jeans. Before very long at all, they were nowhere to be found either!

Betty Ann searched again, gave up, and bought a third pair, keeping a constant eye on this pair of pants.

One day, after washing and drying the jeans, she carried them and other articles of clothing upstairs. When she got up there, she couldn't believe her eyes, the third pair of jeans had disappeared somewhere between the dryer and the second floor of her house!

After tearing the house apart to look for the jeans, including the attic and garage, Betty Ann went to bed exhausted and bewildered.

Betty Ann awoke "within" a nightmare that night to find herself engaged in a tug of war battle for the jeans with a male ghost by the name of John. Betty Ann felt strongly that another presence named Sam was nearby. She said she "commanded John to give the jeans back."

Later on that evening, Betty Ann was in the bathroom getting ready for the night shift, when her husband knocked on the door. He was holding his latest missing pair of 501 blue jeans.

When asked where he had found them, Doug told Betty they were right by the bed . . . in the same spot where she had had the tug of war with an entity named John.

Betty Ann says she isn't frightened, but she wishes "they would keep their pilfering hands to themselves." She is considering contacting a psychic. I believe the first thing I would do is research the history of the house in the local library.


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