Get Golf Ready in Five Days

Get Golf Ready in Five Days
On the web site of is a section they are advertising as Get Golf Ready in Five Days as an instructional program to teach any individual how to play golf in five days. It states that give us five days and we will give you a sport for a lifetime. If you thought you wanted to learn more about golf or haven’t played for a long time this is a program for you. In five days it will get you off to a good start.

These instructional courses are given by golf professionals either in the PGA or LPGA. On this web site it gives you a chance to check out that type of instructions are given each day and shows six individuals of different age groups going through the Get Golf Ready in Five Days program.

I checked out each day and they explain that it is like grade school you start with the easiest and most important. You will get a historical overview of golf but learn the fundamentals such as etiquette, equipment such as clubs and the purpose of each club. Putting will be the first exercise and there are two videos you can watch to give you a feel of what these lessons will be like. You will get to follow each of these six individual as they go through this course.

During the second day you will be given instruction on chipping, pitching and hitting out of a bunker. You will also have your first time to be on the golf course as you learn how to handle yourself with each shot around the practice green. The video shows all six going through the exercise of shots around the green. with. Their golf professionals are there with them helping them as they practice and show improvement.

On day three of Get Golf Ready you get your first chance to use the fairway irons. This is called the halfway mark or “the turn” it means you are halfway to becoming a golfer. Now you get to use the irons on the practice range. In the video it is interesting to listen to the instructions that are given to the players as I am sure it will help any person with your own game. The professionals give great suggestions with these types of shots.

On day four it is time for the big driver and the instructor gives our students the proper swing for the driver or as he call it the Big Dog. It is fun watching these videos as you now get to know each of these students as they go through their routine and the reaction when they really hit a nice shot with that big driver. They are getting the bug and it is now time to get out on the course. Here they will learn what you need to know about teeing off about rules of standing between the markers and the different sets of tees.

On the final day they had now learned the what, when, where, why and how of golf so on this day they played a scramble. There were two videos with this last session and the instructor explained the term scramble where they all got to hit the shot and then take the best shot from there on in to the hole. They finally got to be on the golf course and the five of them scored a bogie on the hole with a five but they all had a chance to hit the ball. They learned how to keep score, how to deal with hazards, out of bounds and lost balls.

With the second video it was a demonstration on a par five hole where a PGA professional and an LPGA player played a scramble and they eagled the hole so it was a good experience of the five students to get to watch the professionals play great golf. It gives them the incentive to keep practicing and improving their game.

It stated in this web site that these types of Get Golf Ready in Five Days can be set up with any PGA or LPGA instructor for a fee of $99.00. It stated in this area that this fee could change according to your golf Pro. To find a program near you there is a special box where you can put in your zip code and they will give you the nearest facility. I typed in my zip code and found out that Wildflower Country Club in Temple, Texas with Bill Euler Professional is available for this program. It is something I will show to our Director of Golf and see if we can set up such a program for some new golfers in our area. Check out it looks like a great program.

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