Kitchens of India Samosas

Kitchens of India Samosas
Kitchens of India Samosas are a great appetizer to start out your Indian meal. They are vegetarian, light on spice, and are good for someone in a maintenance part of their healthy eating.

Since samosas are primarily potato and pea filling in a wheat flour pastry, these are not ideal for people at the beginning of a low carb diet, where they are trying to lose a lot of weight. Instead, these would be better suited for someone who has reached their desired weight and now wanted to eat in a way to maintain that weight. I would not sit down and consume an entire pack of samosas as a whole meal! The samosas should be just one portion of the plate, with healthy spinach and cheese providing the bulk of the meal.

So, with those caveats, the samosas are very tasty. They have a crisp outer shell, and a gently textured inside with nice flavors. I enjoy them with tamarind sauce. I especially like their relatively small size. Often with samosas you get one gigantic samosa that you have to somehow cut off pieces and eat. With these, they are bite sized. You just pick up the whole samosa and take a few bites, and you're set!

For those used to nuking everything. I'm afraid the samosas are only cooked in a regular oven or a toaster oven. They take a full 20 minutes to cook. So in a world of instant gratification and turntable food, this one makes you learn some patience.

For people with allergies, even though the samosas themselves do not have any nuts in them, they're made in a facility that uses both peanuts and tree nuts. So keep that in mind. It does also have the flour in it, of course.

For nutrition information, compared with other Indian dishes this is fairly low. Only 2% vitamin A, 2% iron. 19g of carbs, with 1g of that being fiber. 3g of protein. No trans fats. So again, I wouldn't eat this as an entire dish. I would have this be a side light on a plate which had other veggies and items on it.

So that being said, I happen to love samosas along with my pakoras and palak paneer, and this does the trick nicely. A nice treat to help complete your Indian meal!

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