World's Best Cat Litter - Review

World's Best Cat Litter - Review
World's Best Cat Litter is made from whole kernel corn. It does not contain clay, chemicals or fragrances. World's Best Cat litter is non-toxic, scoopable, biodegradable and flushable. With all the controversy over clay scoopable cat litters and possible health related issues to our precious cats and even to us, I began researching alternatives. Previously I reviewed Swheat Scoop.

Let’s take a closer look at World's Best Cat Litter vs. Swheat Scoop and clay clumping litters:

World's Best Cat Litter clumps better than any litter we have tried to date. Unlike Swheat Scoop and some clay litters, it does not stick to the bottom or the sides of the litter pan. It is recommended to fill litter pans with 2 to 3 inches of World's Best Cat Litter.

I have found that the odor can be a little stronger with World's Best Cat Litter than with some of the litters we’ve tried. World's Best, however, does control oder better than Sweat Scoop. Scooping the litter pan frequently also helps control odor, and we usually add a cat litter deodorizer to the pan for extra odor control.

As with many cat litters, there is some tracking of litter outside the pan. I haven’t found a litter yet that our cats don’t track a little outside the litter pans.

Clay litters are non-biodegradable and non-flushable; therefore they end up in landfills. World's Best, like Swheat Scoop, is biodegradable and flushable, which makes it much better for our environment.

Health and Safety
There has been a lot of controversy over the safety of clay litters, most of which contain sodium bentonite. Sodium bentonite has been linked to possible health issues for our feline friends and even for us. Clay litters can also contain silica, chemicals, fragrances and other toxins. Sometimes cats ingest granules of litter when grooming themselves, so we must ask ourselves just how healthy is it for our precious kitties to ingest these clay granules?

World's Best Cat Litter is completely natural and non-toxic (and does not contain sodium bentonite, silica, chemicals, fragrances or toxins), so it is safe for our cats, for kittens, for us and for our environment. World's Best Cat Litter is made from whole kernel corn so it is perfectly safe if your cat ingests some while grooming.

World's Best Cat Litter is a good environmentally safe alternative to clay varieties of clumping litter. We prefer World's Best to Sweat Scoop, although Sweat Scoop is a good alternative as well.

We have been using World's Best Cat Litter for months now, and have found it to be the best litter we've ever tried. Even though World's Best Cat Litter is more expensive than some other litters, since it clumps better it seems to last longer. When scooping, the clumps don't break up as much as some litters, so you don't have to change out the litter as often. I would highly recommend World's Best Cat Litter. We've tried both the regular formula and extra strength. Both work very well, but extra strength does seem to work better in a multiple cat household.

Worlds Best Extra Strength 17# - Buy from Amazon

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