Tandoor Chef Palak Paneer

Tandoor Chef Palak Paneer
Tandoor Chef Palak Paneer lets you enjoy the tasty flavors of this Indian dish right from your microwave. Only five minutes from start to finish! Plus lots of delicious, healthy spinach!

First, the basics. Palak paneer is a dish that is sort of like creamed spinach with blocks of cheese in it. If you're not a fan of spinach, I really recommend you try this anyway. The flavor is gentle and full of delicious spices. The cheese is a mild cheese with a low key flavor. It is delicious comfort food.

Spinach is VERY full of nutrition. While this box says "two servings", I am going to call it one serving for the sake of my description here. I think most people would sit down and eat this as a small meal, rather than having a half of this as a tiny side dish to something else. So that being said, eating a plate of this gives you a whopping 70% of your Vitamin A, 60% of your Vitamin C, and even 20% of your iron for a day! It is a nutrition powerhouse. You get 16% calcium too.

For the other stats, theere are no trans fats, and there are only 8g net carbs in the serving. You also get 4g of fiber which is very good for you. That is 340 calories.

Preparation is easy. It comes in a plastic wrap topped tray. You puncture the top a few times. Cook it for 3 minutes. Stir it up, then heat another 2 minutes. That's it! The delicious smells fill your kitchen, and you sit back and enjoy a meal that is both tasty and very good for you.

Often times palak paneer (and I suppose any spinach dish) can have a sharp metallic taste to it. That's undoubtedly because of the high iron content in it. This one does NOT have that metallic taste, and this is a reason I'm fond of the Tandoor Chef version.

For people with allergies, it's important to note that this is made in a facility with peanuts, tree nuts, soy, milk, wheat, and sesame. So that might be an issue for some people.

Other than that, the only real problem is that it's hard to find this brand in most stores. We have to get it at an Indian specialty market. So if you can find this, I recommend it!

This was bought with my own money.

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