Amy's Indian Palak Paneer

Amy's Indian Palak Paneer
I adore palak paneer. This spinach dish is perfect comfort food, delicious, creamy. Amy's version includes rice and beans, which makes it good for a low carber past the induction stage.

The main issue for "new" low carbers is that they are in a body cleansing state and trying to typically stay below 20g of carbs a day. The Amy's Indian palak paneer has 38g of carbs per serving - with 5g of that being fiber. So that's a lot of great, healthy fiber for you, but it's still 33g of carbs you are ingesting in one meal. So this is fine for people past induction, but for people just starting low carb, you'd want to hold off on this.

So that being said, the dish is nicely complete. It has 10g of protein. No trans fats at all. 50% of your vitamin A, 25% of your Vitamin C, 15% calcium and 15% iron. There are no gluten ingredients and no GMOs. There are 270 calories in this. So for pretty much any diet you're on, this is full of nutrition and healthily balanced.

Unlike other palak paneer packages which are JUST palak paneer, this one has three separate components. You get basmati rice, and the palak paneer (spinach with cheese cubes). Then you also get red beans. So it's a nice flavor combination, nice textures, and a good mix of nutrients.

It's very easy to make - just slit the plastic covering and nuke for 4 minutes. Voila! It's done! I love quick and easy, especially when it ends up being delicious. Many frozen meals end up tasting cardboardy and dry. This is rich, juicy, with the rice providing a nice base to the two other parts of the dish. Definitely something you want to pour out onto a plate, pour a glass of wine, and savor as a relaxing meal.

The only real down side is for people right at the beginning of low carb, that the rice makes the dish relatively carby. Those people should seek out one of the "palak paneer only" frozen dinners that doesn't have the rice. But for people who are past that stage, this dish is great. The only other challenge will be finding it. Many stores don't carry this yet. If yours doesn't, just ask at the customer service desk. Usually they can check around and bring it in for you.

Well recommended.

I bought this at my local store with my own money.

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