Deep Indian Gourmet Palak Paneer

Deep Indian Gourmet Palak Paneer
Deep Indian Gourmet Palak Paneer is a frozen dinner palak paneer entree which is ready in 5 minutes in your microwave. It provides healthy spinach, delicious spices, and cubes of cheese.

I am a strong proponent of learning to like palak paneer if you haven't tried it before. This is a *wonderful* dish for so many reasons. It is chock full of amazing nutrition. It's got iron, vitamin A, vitamin C. It is incredibly easy to make. It's a perfect dish on its own and goes well with other items too. It's one of those ultimate foods :)

So to start with, the cooking. You puncture the plastic film and microwave it for 3 minutes. Then stir it around a little, and microwave for 2 more. This is fairly standard for all the palak paneers I've tried,so I have come to accept the two-step process. That stirring is important because the spinach is so thick.

Where other palak paneer dishes sometimes come with beans or rice or other unwanted sides, this one is just palak paneer. which is great! It's very healthy for you and wonderfully low carb.

Ah, the taste. Delicious! I adore the spices of palak paneer. It's not hot, but it's lovely and flavorful. It's an ultimate comfort food.

I love that the ingredient list is *healthy*! The first ingredient - spinach! second ingredient - the paneer (cheese). Third ingredient - tomatoes! You can recognize these ingredients and know you are eating healthy items. How many foods can you say that about in modern times?

The nutrition in this is simply amazing. 35% of your vitamin A. 30% of your vitamin C. 10% of your iron, 8% of your calcium. You get 6 grams of protein, and 2 grams of fiber! There are only 4g net carbs in the entire serving. Now I should caveat here that they think a box makes TWO servings which might be true if it was a side dish to your main meal of chicken or something. I tend to eat these just on their own, which means the values double. Yes it means I get 8g of carbs - but look at the amazing increase in my Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber and so on! This really is an ultimate food source.

OK - down sides. It's a shame they're using plastic, but I recycle that and the cardboard box, so everything gets recycled. If they had used a cardboard inside (to nuke the palak paneer in) I doubt my local recycler would take "food covered cardboard" in the recycle box. Another down side is that it's hard to find - so hound your local store until they carry it!

Palak Paneer should definitely be on every healthy eating person's shopping list :)

I bought this with my own money at my local store.

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