Warehouse 13 - McClintock and Kelly Part 2

Warehouse 13 - McClintock and Kelly Part 2
Question: Do either of you want to see Pete and Myka get together?

Eddie McClintock: I’ve been saying that in Season 15 Pete and Myka start bumping their wheelchairs into one another in kind of a mating ritual, but that won’t be for a long time. I like the fact that they have enough respect for the boundaries of their job and enough respect for one another to cross the line. I think it makes Pete a more honorable guy. It lets Pete earn his other idiosyncracies and I think it gives the character depth.

Joanne Kelly: Any interesting human relationship between two people is complex and it truly takes time to develop, anything that’s worth its salt. And for us to explore the romantic part of it without first exploring the complexities of these two people, the partnership that they’re creating and the friendship that they’re creating--I think would just short-change everyone.

Question: What is the prop or artifact that you guys play with that annoys the art department the most?

Joanne Kelly: Oh, that’s more of an Eddie question. He tries to break stuff. He tries breaking down the door, it’s like three o’clock in the morning and he has to break down a door. I’m like, “Do you understand, if you actually break the door we have to build a new door and reset it and we will be here until six a.m.? He continues to try to break the door.

Eddie McClintock: Well, how many times do you get permission to kick a door as hard as you can?

Joanne Kelly: A lot, in the show. We get lots of time.

Eddie McClintock: Anytime I get an opportunity to kick the door or to slam into something, I like to break it. It looks reall.

Joanne Kelly: Yeah, he just likes to break it. Not because it looks really.

Eddie McClintock: Last year Joanne threw me through the wall.

Joanne Kelly: Oh, I didn’t really throw you through the--well, I kind of did.

Eddie McClintock: She had her hands on me, and I threw myself around.

Joanne Kelly: No, I threw you through the wall.

Eddie McClintock: Okay, she threw me. And so, they worry that I’m going to break other things.

Joanne Kelly: Well, I do all the stunts.

Eddie McClintock: On my body instead of the props per se.

Joanne Kelly: Yeah, Eddie likes to break his body.

Eddie McClintock: Right. And I like to breakdance.

Question: Each time you get a script, are you surprised by some of the things that you will do in the new episode?

Joanne Kelly: Yeah, every time I get a script it scares the living daylights out of me with what they have planned sometimes. There is never a dull moment.

Eddie McClintock: To me it’s like Christmas. It’s like sneaking and opening a present because I’m like, “Oh, what do I get to play? I get to do that? I get to break a door?” Because I love breaking doors.

Joanne Kelly: What is it with doors today?

Eddie McClintock: It’s really a lot of fun, man, because we get to do so many different things on the show.

Joanne Kelly: And this second season is even--

Eddie McClintock Even more so.

Joanne Kelly: Even more so like I’m even more scared to pick up my scripts this year than I was last year.

Eddie McClintock: The show has gotten bigger, better, faster, and funnier, I think.

Joanne Kelly: Bigger, better, faster, stronger….We’ve been really lucky. The network really pushed us last year and Syfy has been really great about promoting the show. I think they really put it out there.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah, we’re on billboards this year. Our faces are on billboards. Which is very exciting for me.

Joanne Kelly: Very exciting for Eddie.

Question: Can you each describe how the other one is like his or her character?

Eddie McClintock: Why don’t you go first, Jo?

Joanne Kelly: Why? I don’t want to.

Eddie McClintock: All right, I’ll go first. You know, I am impulsive.

Joanne Kelly: Wait, we’re supposed to describe how the other is like their character, not how you are like your character. That’s why I wanted to go first, so I could get you back.

Eddie McClintock: You know the expression, “Don’t you get your panties in a bunch, Priscilla”? That’s a one-liner for JoJo. And she’s really tall. So Myka is tall and Joanne is. Myka has very long legs and so does Joanne. Myka is very pretty and so is Joanne.

Joanne Kelly: You should ask us those questions separately, when we’re both not in the room.

Eddie McClintock: I see Joanne as a right brain thinker, and I think Myka is the same way. Myka is smart, Joanne is very, very smart. And Myka wants to give Pete all the money in her bank account and so Joanne wants to give Eddie all the money in her bank account. And go.

Joanne Kelly: I think everything you need to know you’ve just heard.

I’m a big believer that every character you play, you take a little piece of you and you just kind of run with it. In this case, I think the writers tend to write for who they think we are as people, and what we bring to work. I’m very focused at work and very practical and very problem-solving and that is who Myka is. And Eddie is five years old.

Eddie McClintock: You can say it.

Joanne Kelly: He’s five years old. And that’s what’s so fun.

Eddie McClintock: I know you are but what am I?

Joanne Kelly: Five years old. I think there’s a lightness and a real love of what he does and a real mischievousness that makes it mentally watchable. I think that my stick-up-the-a**edness and his--

Eddie McClintock: You just made up a word.

Joanne Kelly: And his lightness and craziness, we allow each other to take that to the nth degree.

Question: What kind of artifact would you personally like to see on the show?

Eddie McClintock: I've been saying that I'd love to have Janis Joplin's backstage pass from Woodstock, and whoever held this backstage pass could go to any concert throughout time. And so it would allow me to go back and see early Beatles or Black Sabbath or the Doors or Credence and all this music that my dad exposed me to as a kid, that I never was able to see live. I was supposed to go see Led Zeppelin when I was in the eighth or ninth grade and then John Bonham died and I was never able to go. For me, music is such a huge part of my life, and I use songs like memory triggers, so a lot of my memories of being a kid and growing up are associated with different songs.

Joanne Kelly: : If I could meet one person, dead or alive, it would be Shakespeare. We already did Edgar Allen Poe's pen, so maybe Shakespeare's hat--something so I could meet him.

Eddie McClintock: Shakespeare's codpiece.

Joanne Kelly: No.

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