How To Bring Down A Company Event

How To Bring Down A Company Event
Although our present economy has caused many companies to scale back on celebratory events, there are still a few opportunities for fellow employees to gather. One typical company-sponsored event is the Christmas party. Another might be a charitable fundraiser. Whatever the event may be, when you are gathering together with co-workers there are many ways you can add to the even and likewise, bring it down.

As with any other gathering, you need to arrive on time. Arriving late to a Holiday Party or fundraising event only says this is of no importance to you. And if the event ranks low on your list, the best advice would be to not go. If you arrive at a company event late and hold up the festivities you aren’t making points with anyone. If this gathering takes place on a weekend or after business hours, you need to plan ahead so that your late entrance does not spoil the event. Arrange for the babysitter. Plan on the extra time it takes to park. Allow for traffic.

If you arrive late and empty handed – well you might as well just go home. Unless this is a catered event, you need to bring something. Whether it’s a bottle of wine for the host (if it’s at a co-worker’s home), white elephant for a gift exchange or your pledge sheet for a fundraiser, gracing the crowd with just your presence is typically not enough.

If you are going to arrive late, whatever the reason may be, don’t expect someone to save you a seat. If your friends or co-workers get there early and have great seats, it’s often difficult to save another great seat. Countless people who also arrive early are going to ask if that seat is available. Your seat-saver is going to be saddled with taking care of you while you walk in late. Then you are going to stroll by everyone who arrived on time and plop yourself down in front of everyone else who made sure they arrived on time.

Another sure-fire way to bring down an event is to look bored. We are all tired, so you yawning and claiming how long your day has been is not going to win points with anyone. It will not cause those around you to enjoy your company. Crossing your arms, heavy sighing, fidgeting and yes, yawning all draw attention to you. And it’s not positive attention.

One thing everyone does when at a gathering is mingle. This means that you walk around the room and talk to people. You don’t have to talk to people you know. It’s likely there are many people at this company gathering who you don’t know and who don’t know you. What a great opportunity to discover a little more about the company you work for AND make a new friend. Of course the alternative would be to just talk to the one person you know. Another poor choice would be to gather your posse, talk in the corner and diss the rest of your co-workers.

Remembering that your company event is an opportunity to both make a good impression and network will keep you in your co-workers good graces. Forgetting that you are surrounded by people who you are going to see on Monday morning and arriving late, not contributing, looking bored and failing to mingle will not sit well with anyone, including your boss and co-workers.

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