Near-Death Experiences of Two Famous Ladies

Near-Death Experiences of Two Famous Ladies
Elizabeth Taylor

Dame Elizabeth Taylor is quite a lady. Her acting ability is incredible, and her passionate and tireless efforts to spread information about the AIDS health crisis are even more amazing.

Life hasn’t been easy for this famous 78-year-old star. She has broken her back five times, had a hip replacement in each hip, pneumonia twice, and even surgery for a benign brain tumor. In 2004, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

Taylor has lost many loved ones through her life, including her third husband, Mike Todd, who was killed in a plane crash in 1958. Although she doesn’t believe in organized religion, she does believe in God, and considers herself a very spiritual person.

Elizabeth had a five-minute near-death experience during a surgical procedure in the 1950s, and was pronounced clinically dead. Actually, the actress was traveling down “that tunnel” to the white light.

Mike Todd was there to greet her, and gently turn her back to do “something very important.” She was reluctant to return, and told her dead husband that she wanted to stay with him. He told her that she couldn’t “give up now.”

The happiest part of my research for this article was learning that Elizabeth has no doubt her little dog, Sugar, has a soul, and will be with her after leaving this realm. Taylor says she is no longer afraid of death, because she “has been there.”

Jane Seymour

Another lovely and talented woman of film is Jane Seymour, star of one of my favorite romance movies, Somewhere in Time.

When Seymour was 36 years old, she suffered an allergic reaction to penicillin given to her for a bout of flu. During this time, she left her body and saw herself on the bed with a group of people around her. They appeared to be trying to revive her. She also saw a white light.

Seymour saw her life pass “before her eyes,” and cared about nothing except that she did not want to leave her children. She remembers promising God, if He was there, to let her live and raise her children, and she would never again say His name in vain. She abruptly found herself back in her body on the bed.

Jane says, "It did change my whole life because, when you die, I realized you take nothing with you except for what you've done."


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