What Does Too Much Sugar Do To Ethnic Skin?

What Does Too Much Sugar Do To Ethnic Skin?
It's a known fact that sugar in general is not good for your skin but too much sugar can wreck havoc and lead to a variety of health problems. There's regular sugar and then there's sugar from carbohydrates and when the two link up and create too much sugar your get what is now being termed AGEs( Advanced Glycation End Products).

Your body does not recognize this process as normal and will therefore produce antibodies that cause inflammation in your skin.
As you mature, proteins in your body can become damaged with the production of AGEs and this is one of the key factors in aging of your skin.

The more sugar you eat processed or natural, the more AGEs produced. When your body is overwhelmed with sugar the collagen in your skin becomes compromised. Signs of compromised collagen levels appear as wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Your skin's ability to quickly rehabilitate is reduced when glycation occurs.

The number grows each year for those of you challenged with diabetes and pre diabetes. If you're challenged with Diabetes you'll have a difficult time with sensitive skin issues and too much sugar in your blood can cause sensitive skin issues.

Ethnic Skin Care Ingredients That Fight Glycation Outside and Inside

When dealing with glycation, it's important to remember that your skin will need products that have anti-inflammatory ingredients and will hydrate your skin through to the inner most layer. Ingredients that are known to help inflamed skin include, Vitamin E, white willow, licorice root and green tea.

Ingredients known to hydrate your skin are hyaluronic acid, bilberry oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera and honey. Minimizing dehydration and inflammation are certain to give your skin a much better glow.

You are responsible for your nutrition and the type of foods you eat but certain supplements worth mentioning. Vitamin B6, B1 and alpha lipoic acids are known to fight glycation. Peony flower extract, Persian Silk tree, blueberries and pomegranate are also known to fight glycation but these beauties do it from the outside and the inside.

Professional Treatments for Ethnic Skin With Glycation

When your skin is challenged with glycation you might also be dealing with other health challenges and may be more at risk at having a reaction to products or machines used when getting a facial or body treatment.
Overly aggressive products will need to be avoided. The use of liquid peels and nutty scrubs might penetrate too deeply and too quickly causing harm to your skin. Instead get a hydration facial that's certain to be more beneficial to your skin than peels.

Remember ...

One thing to keep in mind is that sugar comes in both natural and processed forms. If you can eliminate the processed and eat the natural in moderation, your skin will thank you for it.

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