Investing $10K in 2013 EBook

Investing $10K in 2013 EBook
Do you have a lump sum or windfall to invest? Are you uncertain where to start? Investing $10K in 2013 can help you create a portfolio to successfully invest your money.

This ebook contains information on the basics of investing. Chapters 1-4 introduce you to investing, prepare you to invest and help you to develop an investment plan. An investment plan acts as a guide when selecting your investments.

Chapters 5-7 explain what a stock is, defines stock investing terms, and offers some strategies for choosing stocks. These chapters provide a good overview of why stocks are beneficial in a portfolio. Stocks tend to be the powerhouses of a portfolio. They offer high returns but also high risk. That is why it is important to choose wisely. This ebook will help you to do that.

Chapters 8-12 covers the world of bonds. These chapters explain what a bond is and why they are important in your portfolio. You will learn about United States Government bonds, municipal bonds, and corporate bonds. Bonds add stability to a portfolio to offset the risk of stocks. You will learn how to choose among the many bonds available.

Chapters 13-19 explore mutual funds. You will learn what a mutual fund is and how to choose one. How to avoid the fees associated with mutual funds is covered. Target-date funds and exchange-traded funds each receive their own chapters. Socially-responsible investing is another topic with its own chapter. Finally, index funds are considered for the inclusion in a simple portfolio.

Chapter 20 explains how to diversify the portfolio as well as the importance of diversification. Chapter 21 looks at international investing and its benefits for the portfolio. Proper diversification can increase your returns while diminishing the risks of your portfolio.

Chapter 22 teaches you how to build your portfolio. You will take what you learned from the previous chapters to build a simple, low-cost portfolio. This portfolio will be easy to maintain while being well-diversified. By now, you will know the basics so that you can confidently build a successful portfolio.

Chapter 23 will explain why it is important to rebalance your portfolio. It will cover how to do this and when the best time is to rebalance. Rebalancing helps to diminish the risks of investing. Also, it can boost the portfolio’s overall return.

The appendixes offer additional information of benefit to the investor. They explain what a prospectus is and how to use a Monte Carlo retirement calculator. Lastly, there is a section listing books for further reading and education.

Investing $10K in 2013 is a compilation of articles I have written here at BellaOnline. I hope you enjoy it and that it enriches your life.

Here is the link to my ebook: Investing $10K in 2013

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