Simple Organizing Strategies That Work

Simple Organizing Strategies That Work
Getting organized can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be that way. There are a few time tested strategies that can make getting organized much easier. When you adopt these practices you fast forward the organizing process. Try these if you are ready to reduce stress and enjoy more leisure time.

Take inventory.
Do you need what you own? Do you own what you need? Life is more enjoyable when you surround yourself only with the things you use, need and love. If you have things that are not needed, not used or not loved, ask yourself why. Yes, I know there are many ways to rationalize the holding and guarding. The rationalizations will all sound plausible, but here is the truth – if you keep what you don't need, use or love, you are probably letting fear guide you. Don't fall victim to holding on to something just in case you might need it someday. That's akin to allowing yourself to be held hostage by inanimate objects.

Pare down.
Seriously, pare down. You will free yourself from the responsibilities of tending and caring for the things you never actually use. If you use something less only a few time a year ask yourself if you could borrow it from someone. If so, let it go. Why be a custodian? Pare away all the fluff. Set yourself free and enjoy the the lightness that comes from letting go.

Think first.
Before you agree to anything think about the consequences. After all, committing your time is a big deal. You only have so much and once you give it away it's gone. Ask yourself if you really want to deal with whatever it is. Do you want to have to squeeze one more activity into your schedule? Are you saying yes out of obligation? There are plenty of ways to say no graciously. Remember, no is a complete sentence, you do not have to rationalize why you are declining.

Practice equalization.
It's such a simple practice. When you bring one item in, you take one item out. It the easiest way to maintain balance within your space. Think of it in terms of calories, you have to burn as many as you consume if you are going to maintain your weight. The same hold true for stuff and space.

Stay fresh.
If you have a collection of much loved items consider rotating what you display. Less really can be more. If you have a large number of any type of item it's difficult to appreciate the unique qualities of each piece. Looking at more than three of four items at once can overwhelm our senses.

This holds true for kid's toys as well. Rotate them in out and out of the play area. Most kids have far too many toys to start with. All that choice can be overwhelming, making play somewhat stressful. Rotating will keep it fresh and fun.

Don't compete.
Keeping up with the Joneses is for suckers. Stop comparing yourself to the rest of the world. What do you value? The answer to that question should guide all your decisions. Life becomes easier to navigate when you stay true to your own North Star. Buying things because you think you 'should' is crazy. Committing to something you don't want to do just because it would 'look good' is equally crazy.

Even if you embrace just one of these strategies you will reap multiple benefits. Embrace more than one and you could literally change your life. Less stress, more joy – that's what's waiting for you – doesn't that sound nice?

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