Training - Nintendo Wii Sports

Training - Nintendo Wii Sports
The training area of the Nintendo Wii Sports lets you practice your skills and hone your hand-eye coordination. This is good not just for gaming! Each sport has 3 levels of training, and in each one you can earn platinum, gold, silver and bronze medals.

The first level of tennis is hitting return volleys, one after another. Get 10 to earn a bronze and move on to level 2.

Level 2 is learning to aim your spots. A floating target behind the opponent is what you are aiming for.

Level 3 gives you a circular target hanging on the wall. You don't have to hit the target each time - it's fine to hit the wall. You just can't miss the ball!

The first level of baseball is hitting home runs. You get 10 balls, and you try to hit a home run each time. 5 and 6 are both bronze medals.

The second level of baseball is hitting into certain quadrants of the field. This helps you learn how to aim the ball. 28 points gets you a bronze.

The final level of baseball is about quick resetting - they keep sending balls your way, and you have to hit as many as you can. Out of 30 total balls, 17 is a bronze.

The first level of golf is about putting. Learn how to read the green with the 1 button.

The second level of golf is trying to get as close to the green as possible, and your score is the total distance.

The third level of golf is trying to land on the center of a bullseye in the middle of an island or a further away course. You in essence have to use the range finder in the lower right to aim yourself precisely.

The first level of bowling gives you a series of spare situations. Each time you clear one, you get a new challenge. You can miss 5 times.

The next level gives you a big pile of pins - and you have to knock down as many as you can. We're not just talking 10 pins here - they go up to 15, 21, and more - all at the same time! You're scored on the total pins taken out. 458 will get a bronze.

The final level here is to avoid barriers and still get the pin - so sometimes it involves spins and angles. You get a bronze for 8 lanes cleared.

The first level of boxing is about hitting bags off their chains. You have to build up combo moves. 17 points is a bronze.

Level 2 is about dodging. Your trainer flings balls at you and you have to dodge left and right to miss them. Sometimes he even throws two! 25 isn't enough for a medal.

Level 3 is about hitting your trainer's mitts - but not him. This is about learning how to aim.

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