Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure
Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is rare. Within reasonable limits, however, it's better for you than even normal pressure, since people who have blood pressure in the low range usually live longer than people with either high or normal blood pressure. In most cases, blood pressure is not too low unless you feel faint or light-headed when you stand up.

Healthy normal blood pressure for humans is now considered to be anything below 120 over 80. If your reading drops below 90 over 60, you would be considered to be in the hyptotension range. But that may not necessarily be a concern.

Many young people, for example, have low blood pressure without any problems. On the other hand, research has now shown that very low pressure can sometimes be connected with Alzheimer’s dementia in people over the age of 75. Although the drop in blood pressure is almost always a side effect of medication, the researchers have concluded that “low blood pressure may be both the cause and the consequence of dementia.”

Just as there are high blood pressure symptoms, people with low blood pressure may have some dizziness when rising up from a sitting or reclined position. They may also experience excessive sweating, fainting and palpitations of the heart or feel tired and lack energy.

Other than causes like severe dehydration, bleeding and infections or prolonged bed rest, the most common factors contributing to low blood pressure seem to be related to the side effects of medications. High blood pressure medications, for example, can sometimes work to the extreme, causing the blood pressure to drop too low. Certain medications such as sedatives, psychotropics and Viagra can do the same.

If you’re taking hypertension or other medications or you're following guidelines on how to lower blood pressure, and are experiencing uncomfortable low blood pressure symptoms, be sure to check with your physician.

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