Wolf Dream Symbol

Wolf Dream Symbol
The wolf, aside from recent dog hybrids, is the largest of the canine species. Its size and weight varies but generally the wolf dominates the rest of the canine group and often will prey upon them (coyotes, foxes, dogs). Humans are not among the wolf's prey of choice but it has been known to attack man in desperate times or when provoked. Instead, the wolf, preying up livestock, has been the target of hunters who have nearly hunted them into extinction.

In Norse, Japanese, Roman or Mongol mythology, the wolf can appear as a deity or ancestor of their people. Certain Native American tribes associate the wolf with witchcraft and death. Yet, the wolf also represents many positive aspects of life including fortitude, survival, independence. It is a magnificent creature that reflects wild nature.

When a wolf appears in your dreams, you must ascertain just who it represents in your waking life. Is it you, the dreamer or someone else? One way to tell is to check your feelings towards this dream wolf. Are you afraid of it? Do you feel protected by it? Or do you feel empowered when you see it? If you can sense the feelings of this dream wolf, it represents you.

Common wolf dream symbol meanings
Possible threat
Primal instincts
Wild nature

Common wolf dream scenarios
Seeing a wolf. Is this dream wolf reflecting an aspect of you or another person in your waking life? If this dream wolf is you, you might have to go it alone for a while and draw upon your inner reserves to be a survivor. Bring out your primal instincts to establish your independence. If this dream wolf is someone else, check your feelings towards it to learn if there is a waking life wolf who is providing protection or if it is a threat to you.
Being pursued by a wolf or wolf pack. Dreamer feels threatened by an individual or group of predatory people.
Befriending or taming a wolf. Dreamer may be ready to tame his inner wild sideā€¦or that of someone else who is represented by this dream wolf.
Black wolf. A black wolf often represents one's shadow self, the darker side of his personality, the unseen. Often erroneously seen as negative, the dark shadow of a person often provides many benefits to the whole person. Becoming aware of one's shadow self helps turn negatives into positives. Your negative aspects of self actually serve a purpose.
Fighting off wolves with fire. Fending off threats, possibly with anger or passion.
Lone wolf. Someone stands alone. Feeling lonely. Or on the contrary, needing to be independent.
Surrounded by wolves. Feeling helpless and without recourse to protect oneself from threats.
White wolf. A sacred symbol. Look for a spiritual message forthcoming.
Wolf carrying something in its mouth. Is this prey or a gift? Is the wolf taking something from you or presenting something to you? Look up the dream symbol meaning for whatever is in its mouth.
Wolf running through a forest. On a journey of discovery into hidden paths. Is the dreamer exploring his subconscious, the spiritual, the occult? Is the dreamer wanting to run off and remain hidden?
Wolf puppy. Budding independence. Potential to become wild or dangerous in the future.
Wolf tracks. Are you tracking this wolf? You're being given clues to learn who this waking life threat is in your life.

Idioms, sayings and word play
"Crying wolf." Sending up false alarms. Refers to the Aesop's fable, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."
"Keeping the wolves at bay." Fending off danger or threats.
"Wolf in sheep's clothing." A dangerous person masking as a harmless one.
"Wolfing down." Eating ravenously.
"Lone wolf." Sole person stands apart from rest of the pack.

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