Week Three Journaling Prompt ~ Courage

Week Three Journaling Prompt ~ Courage
For 2011 we are going to focus on 52 weekly prompts instead of daily prompts. Each week we will have a ‘focus’ so that each day we can dig a little deeper instead of jumping all over the place in our writing.


This week I want you to focus on the word ‘Courage’ and fully understand what it means to reflect.

Webster’s dictionary defines this word like this:

courage >noun
1.....the ability to do something that frightens one
2.....strength in the face of pain or grief

PHRASES: .....have courage of one’s convictions to act on one’s beliefs despite danger or disapproval
.....take one’s courage in both hands and nerve oneself to do something that frightens one
ORIGIN Old French corage
From Latin cor ‘heart’
DERIVATIVES: courageous>adjective having courage, brave

Sometimes I consider myself brave. However, brave is an adjective that shows courage. To have courage is a trait one has, not a moment of bravery. Let us consider our character this week through the word courage.

Monday. . .Would you consider yourself a courageous person? Write down the things you believe about yourself to be true.

Tuesday. . .Let us remember a moment when we showed ‘bravery’ in a situation. Journal about this situation. Were you surprised at how you handled it?

Wednesday. . .The book of Josuha, in the Old Testament, has this phrase ‘be strong and courageous’ throughout the pages. How can one ‘be strong and courageous’ in the face of danger, death and uncertainty?

Thursday. . .Consider something or someone you lost recently. What comments did you hear as way of comfort or sympathy? Did they enable you to be courageous? Were your words of courage or defeat and despair? Looking back how can you grieve and yet still have courage?

Friday. . .Our country is going through complex and fearful changes. 2011 promises to be a year full of new opportunities to stand up for what one believes. How will you show courage for our county?

Saturday. . .Think back over this past week. Songs bring courage and strength to people. When you need courage, what song comes to mind? Write out the lyrics so you have a written remembrance of the words that encourage you through song.

Sunday . . . take the day off. Be strong and courageous, for the Lord God goes before you today. Rest and get ready for next week!

Keep Journaling

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