Water - Dream Symbol

Water - Dream Symbol
Water comes in many forms and from many sources. While typically associated with emotions and spirituality, there is more to this life-sustaining fluid than can be summarized by a single definition. There is a sacredness to water that few understand. It is comprised of three atoms (H20) which also symbolizes the Holy Trinity and those atoms are among the most plentiful in the Universe which gives a sense of omnipresence or god-like quality. There is no life without water. Over 70 percent of a human body is water. In essence, we ARE water!

Water is a good conductor of energy vibrations, making it the symbol for spiritual communication and emotions. Some relate water to the feminine aspect of the male-female whole as it is more fluid, flexible, adaptable, changeable, transparent which all tend to be characteristics attributed to the feminine divine.

When water appears in dreams, it is important to note all of the aspects of this dream water. In what state does this dream water appear (ice, snow)? Where is it? Is it contained in a vessel or is this ocean water or rain? Is the dream water clear or dirty? And above all, how does the dreamer relate to the water in this dream? Is he drowning? Is he parched? Is he taking a shower?

You must consider this dream symbol in context with 1. the rest of the dream elements and/or 2. what is going on in the dreamer’s waking life. Context matters. It might seem overwhelming or confusing when you attempt to interpret the water in your dream. Join us in the Bellaonline Dreams forum and we can help.

Here are some basic meanings of water as dream symbols
Fluid, adaptable
Spiritual communication

Common dreams with water scenarios and their interpretations
Being thirsty. Indicates a craving or need for spiritual refreshment or wisdom.
Drinking a glass of water. Accepting or assimilating spiritual knowledge.
Receiving a glass of water. Someone is offering dreamer spiritual teachings.
Giving someone a glass of water. The reverse of above: the dreamer is attempting to teach someone else about spirituality. Be sure to pay attention to the particular vessel that holds this water. What is it made of? Is this vessel particularly small or large? Don't discount accepting even a thimbleful of water as all spiritual knowledge adds to your collective wisdom. If the glass or vessel is dirty and cracked, beware that this spiritual knowledge may come in an imperfect vessel. If the water is dirty, discard it.
Throwing a glass of water. Does the dreamer throw it away as in rejection or throw it onto another person in an attempt to wake him up? Dreamer could be rejecting spiritual information or trying desperately to get someone else to awaken spiritually.
Choking while drinking water. Slow down while learning spiritual lessons. Too much, too soon can hurt instead of help.
Bug or other contaminant in drinking water. Examine the spiritual knowledge coming your way as there is a "bug" in the teachings. Something has contaminated its purity.
Spilling water. Being careless and spilling water indicates that dreamer could be taking what he has learned, spiritually speaking, for granted. Thus, it may be wasted.
Poisoned water.Dreamer may feel that the spiritual teachings before him is toxic and bad. Who has poisoned this water?
Blessed or holy water.Dreamer's spiritual learning comes from good sources.
Gazing into a glass of water.Gazing into water is a prompt to do some self-reflection and meditation. What does the dreamer see? This is a common tool for clairvoyants and mediums to "see" into the past, present and future.
Watering a garden.Dreamer's efforts will bring forth abundance and good health. Do pay attention to what you can do to nurture yourself!
Watering houseplants. Houseplants are potted plants that rely strictly upon a human caregiver rather than the natural elements of Mother Earth. By watering houseplants, the dreamer is or is being reminded to provide spiritual and emotional upliftment to those in his life and he will be rewarded in kind. Be diligent as others rely upon you!
Watering animals or pets. Similar to above. What type of animal or pet are you watering? Look up that animal's dream meaning for this is what the dreamer is "feeding" with his emotional support.

Playing in water sprinklers.Spiritual joy is important to one's spiritual progress. The dreamer is being reminded to lighten up and enjoy the process of spiritual growth. Be like a child in spirit.
Water balloon fight.Child-like competition and play releases a lot of emotional baggage. The dreamer is being called to see that his childhood baggage is not a serious matter. Most of his resentments and grudges are typical family/childhood frustrations. He can release them with an exuberant POP of emotions and it will feel both cleansing and emotionally liberating.

Baths, showers
Bathtub or shower.A typical symbol for cleansing. Dreamer needs some spiritual cleansing or is receiving some. The difference can be discerned largely through the feelings that the dreamer experiences during this dream. Does he feel guilt? Redemption? Rejuvenation? Upliftment? Inspiration?
Soaking in a tub of water. Dreamer is being called to sit and immerse himself in spiritual knowledge that he is receiving. This knowledge will not only cleanse him in spirit but also offer some peace, healing and restoration.
Being underwater in a tub. Needing to shut out the rest of the world for a "time out." Returning to the womb. Needing to rejuvenate and restart.
Dirty bath water. Is the bathwater dirty before the dreamer enters into it or after he has washed? The former indicates that the spiritual information that is before him is tainted while the latter reveals that the dreamer has been cleansed of negativity.
Refreshing shower.Dreamer is being or will be refreshed spiritually with much-needed inspiration from above.
Burning yourself in too hot a bath or shower.Dreamer may be at risk of danger from spiritual information that is "too hot" for him to handle.
Freezing bathwater or shower.Frigid temperatures can indicate that this spiritual lesson or knowledge is causing the dreamer's emotions to be too cold. The soul will go into hibernation if the letter of the law is followed without the spirit of the law.
Drowning in a tub of water. Overwhelmed by one's own emotions or stagnant spiritual beliefs. Dreamer has the power at any time to pull the drain plug and save himself.
Being drowned by someone.Dreamer is being overwhelmed by another person's emotional demands.
Being hosed off.Someone is attempting to force his beliefs onto dreamer. While the person may believe he is doing this in the dreamer's best interests, it is not enjoyable to the dreamer.
Being baptized in water. Spiritual renewal, cleansing, purity.

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