The Health Benefits of Walnuts

The Health Benefits of Walnuts
Walnuts make me happy. Really! They do. And for many good reasons.

Have you ever noticed how the inner kernel of a walnut is shaped like two halves of a brain? This is a clue, you know. Walnuts are rich in beneficial fatty acids, including essential omega 3s. And omega 3s are vitally important for your brain and staving off depression. You see! That’s the happy connection I’m talking about.

Obviously, walnuts and their nutritional benefits have been prized for centuries. In fact, walnuts were once reserved for English royalty. And did you know the Greeks and Romans thought walnuts were a cure for headaches?

Hmm. I think they were onto something.

Walnuts are also regaining popularity as key part of the Mediterranean diet and they’re an integral part of a vegetarian diet as well. They provide an excellent ratio of nutrient density for the calories and even some proteins.

Their full complement of protein, vitamins, and nutrients make walnuts an uncontested super-food. As the oldest tree food known to man, this 7000-year-old nut has yet to lose its place in our diet.

Walnuts contain manganese and copper, and significant levels of magnesium and phosphorous. Zinc, iron, calcium and selenium can also be found in these low-sodium nuts. Walnuts have high levels of vitamin B6, B1, and pantothenic acid. They’re also an excellent source of powerful vitamin E and riboflavin.

Walnuts have been shown to lower cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar, and improve cardiovascular health. Several studies have shown walnuts to be the most powerful nut in providing vascular benefits.

So…grab a handful of raw walnuts as a great afternoon snack, or a rushed breakfast on the way to work. Toss them in your salads as an excellent protein rich garnish. Or simply pair them with apples for a natural old-school favorite.

You can even toast your walnuts in a skillet or the oven, and once toasted the possibilities are endless.

Walnuts should always be stored cold, don’t let them waste away in your baking cupboard or pantry. If you’re going to use your packaged walnuts within a week, put them in the refrigerator, otherwise, freeze them.

Once taken from their original packaging, walnuts should be stored in an airtight container, away from fragrant or pungent foods. Wait to shell your walnuts until right before you intend to use them, that way the oils and flavors are best preserved.

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