House - Dream Symbol

House - Dream Symbol
The house is your abode. It is a building which houses your mind, body and spirit hence when it appears in your dreams, it often represents you, the dreamer. To understand the meaning of your dream, study this house very carefully.

Everything about the house provides insight so pay attention to the details of the house. Colors, number of windows or doors, back doors/front doors, carpeting, lighting. Look up the dream symbol definitions of these items to clarify your understanding of the house in your dream. Here are some common dream scenarios where the house plays a key role in the dream message:

Condition of the house
Dilapidated house. Your physical body may not be in optimum shape perhaps due to neglect or illness.
No windows or doors. You may not realize that you are feeling trapped by your own self-imposed limitations. You may think you have ?no way out.?
Haunted house. Consider what is haunting the house. Demons and ghosts represent your peace or overstepping their boundaries. Health problems can be represented by intruders as well.

Multiple floors of the house
The basement. This level of the house is a reflection of the subconscious mind.
The main level. This level of the house represents how you present yourself to others during your waking life.
The attic. While it can symbolize higher thinking, it most often represents one?s connection to ancestors and memories.
The upper floors or rooftop. Higher self or higher thinking.

The rooms of the house
The parlor or living room. This is one?s public persona.
The kitchen. A room of creativity, creation and nourishment.
The bathroom. A room where cleansing and purification takes place. Being able to express one?s innermost feelings. (See toilet, feces/excrement or bathtub/shower, bathing.)
The bedroom. The inner sanctum of one?s self. Private thoughts, sexuality, the connection to the dream world.
The nursery. Infancy and childhood.

Actual houses from waking life
In some dreams, the houses we see do not represent ourselves but a time or trait. Consider the feelings that are elicited as you walk through the house. Where is this house? Whose house is it? What does this house represent to you?

Childhood house. When you dream of your childhood home you may have issues that were created during that time of your life. Sometimes, we dream of our childhood home with fondness because of the security and happiness it brought us.
Future house/home. The future house represents your goals or perhaps what you believe will your future state.
Friend or someone else?s house. What part do you play in your friend?s life? Are you intruding too much in his or her personal waking life?
House that appeared in a movie or other iconic house. What does this particular house represent in the film? Wealth? Fear?

Common house situations in dreams
Flooded house. Being overwhelmed by emotions to the point where they are affecting one physical and mentally.
Burning house. Destructive force in one?s waking life has potential to reduce you to ashes. However, there is an accompanying benefit of being able to start over if this event can be seen as a cleansing one. For example, anger, divorce, competition can be represented by fire that burns down one?s house.
Tornado blowing down house. Tornadoes, more destructive than other high wind conditions, exemplify out-of-control or unmanageable tempers!

Idioms and sayings about houses
A man's home is his castle. Every person reigns as king in his own home (and his own body).
Home is where your heart is. Home is where the people, places and things you love reside regardless of where it is geographically or how it might move from place to place.
Home is where you hang your hat. Similar to above, this saying represents how wherever you stay is home.
A house divided cannot stand. From the Bible, this means if members of a family (or any other unit) disagree, the family can be taken down or will fall apart more easily when outsiders challenge. This also can indicate that when a person is double-minded or uncertain, he cannot stand firm in his convictions.
A house of cards. This refers to the game of building a ?house? out of playing cards which is extremely flimsy and precarious. If one builds a house of cards in his waking life, this means whatever project or relationship he is building is tenuous and soon will collapse.
House of ill repute. A whorehouse and gambling/drinking hall.
Set your own house in order before giving advice. Being sure your own life is in order before telling others what to do.
Eating me out of house and home. This refers to something or someone who is requiring so much financial support that the giver may lose his house.
Burn down not your house to frighten away the mouse. Don't go overboard in defending yourself against a small threat.
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Criticizing something others are doing when one is guilty of doing the same. Your own inner demons or unresolved issues. Ghosts of deceased people you know may be giving you a message. Do you feel haunted by the past?
Intruders that break into the house. People or threats in your waking life that are disturbing.

The house is one of the most fundamental dream symbols because it is all about the dreamer himself. And if the meaning of your house dream still eludes you, you can email me for a free or discounted dream interpretation at You can share your thoughts about this article in our Dreams Forum here:

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Live well. Sleep well. Dream happy.


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