Low Carb Induction Under 20g Meals

Low Carb Induction Under 20g Meals
If you're starting out in low carb dieting, in the induction phase, you are staying below 20g of carbs a day. This is to jump start your weight loss quickly. Note that low carbing never says to STAY at 20g for your entire lifetime. This is primarily to help you shake off your old addictions and clear your body of sugar.

The trick is not to worry about something being "only" for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Mix and match. Eat what you're in the mood for, when you want to eat it. Snack often - and drink a TON of water. Your weight loss should NOT be water loss. You should drink ample water to keep your system well hydrated.

Here's just a sample of how easy this is. The site is FULL of recipes - explore, mix and match!

Day 1
Omelet - 1.2g
Japanese Cucumber Salad - 1.4g
Tuna Cheese Melt Casserole - 4g
Celery & Hummis - 6g
Pine Nuts - 1.7g
Fontina Cheese - 0.2g
Chicken Wings - 0g
Sauteed Baby Bella Mushrooms - 2.4g
total: 16.9g

Day 2
Atkins Low Carb Cereal - 3g
Raspberries - 1.5g
Egg Salad Roll-up - 5.4g
Olives - 0.7g
Sunflower Seeds - 1.5g
Monterey Jack Cheese - 0.1g
Chili - 4g
total: 16.2g

Day 3
Low Carb Pancakes - 3g
Bamboo Shoot and Mushroom Egg Drop Soup - 0.5g
Mozarella Balls in Oil - 2g
Grilled Chicken - 0g
Steamed Brussels Sprouts - 7.6g
Asparagus - 4.1g
total: 17.2g

Day 4
Scrambled Eggs - 1.4g
Burrito - 7g
Cucumbers and Cheese - 3g
Walnuts - 1.1g
Italian Veal Parmigiano Cutlet - 6g
total: 18.5g

Day 5
Breakfast Burrito - 6g
Cream of Celery Soup - 0.8g
Grilled Fish - 0g
Steak - 0g
Cauliflower and Gravy - 1.9g
Ratatoille - 10g
total: 18.7g

Day 6
EAS chocolate shake - 2g
Salmon and Mushroom Quesadilla - 8g
Devilled Eggs - 2.5g
Almonds - 1.4g
Shrimp Scampi - 2.2g
total: 14.1g

Day 7
Fried Egg with Red Wine - 1g
Strawberries - 1.8g
Eggplant Mexican Style - 2g
Spinach salad - 0.2g
Pecans - 0.6g
Gruyere Cheese - 0.1g
Salmon and Green Beans - 2.9g
total: 8.6g

Remember to mix and match, look through the site. Eat nuts as snacks, choose other low-carb items from the carb charts to fill in. Drink a TON of water! You should never lose weight from water loss. It is critical you stay hydrated for your body to work properly and the weight loss to happen.

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