James Bond : Agent Under Fire

James Bond : Agent Under Fire
James Bond Agent Under FireThe James Bond series has done very well in its conversion to computer games. How well did Agent Under Fire do on the GameCube?

I'm a huge James Bond fan. I love the movies. I mix up the martinis when I watch my DVD collection at home. I have all the console games based on the game. So I had high hopes for the GameCube version of this much-loved franchise. While the game was fun, it didn't have quite the thrill of some of the other games in the series.

The graphics are great. And the special gadgets they have are great. But you can get through the game in just a few hours, and the multiplay in this game just aren't as good as in previous games. The gadgets are few and far between. Your Q-Laser works on some items but not on many that it should. Your Q-Claw seems sort of particular about what it will grab onto. You should be able to shoot out the cameras ... but often you can't. You shoot guys in the neck and they go running around yelling, because they're somehow still alive.

Yes, the game's fun. I love 007 games and this one has the graphics, the guns, the cars, the babes. The characters and the theme music are there. The missions are well laid out, you have options on how to complete them, you can find hidden objects and secret areas. Still, it's not the best Bond game in the series.

Have a lot of fun playing it, and when you're done with it (which won't be long) pass it along to a friend!

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Note: This James Bond Agent Under Fire game was purchased from a game store with our own money. We were not compensated in any way for this review.

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