007 Nightfire - James Bond is Back!

007 Nightfire - James Bond is Back!
007 Nightfire is out for all major platforms, in time for the latest Bond film. The graphics are stunning, gameplay is amazing. Well worthy of the series!

I'm a huge fan of the Bond games, and we have all of the previous ones. We got this one as soon as it came out, and were definitely not disappointed!

The graphics are a huge step up from previous versions. In the first 'training' mission, you're driving a car through city streets. The lights reflect off of the curves of the car, you can see inside to all of his controls and movements, the dents show up realistically, the back up lights glow softly, and if you bash it a bit, the trunk comes loose. The city around you has cobblestone streets, water rippling, streetlights that come down when you hit them. The attention to detail is just amazing!

As you then move on through the various levels, you see this same level of detail everywhere. From the Austrian castle and other alpine scenes, to the city scenes, watery scenes and more, each really shines.

The plot is very engaging and typically Bond. But in an attempt to show that this isn't about violence - he's a SPY after all, not a Rambo - you get bonus points for being stealthy instead of blasting in with guns, and for stunning or capturing enemies instead of killing them.

In fact, just about every area can be 'accomplished' in many ways. Bluster your way into an objective by a full frontal assault ... or sneak in the side way for extra points. Since you're also rewarded for your time and health, often the sneaky, non-violent way is the best.

You've got a huge array of equipment, weapons, armor and vehicles, and all work just the way you'd expect them to. I found the default controller configuration REALLY annoying, but a quicks stop in the config area got it back to the way I'm used to playing.

Plus, there's multiplayer! Play with up to four people at once on REALLY great maps with quite a bit of customization options on each one. Grab some bots for practice, and play arena, team arena, king of the hill, capture the flag, or other game types.

Definitely worthy of the Bond series, and highly, highly recommended to any first person shooter fan!

Rating: 10/10

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