Apple Varieties

Apple Varieties
There are many varieties of apples to chose from. Some are best for eating fresh while others are best for cooking and baking. All purpose varieties are good for eating and to use in your favorite recipes.

Red Delicious Apples are, by far, the most popular variety to eat fresh. This firm, crisp, sweet and juicy apple is low-acid. Though it's very tasty when eaten raw, it's not a good choice for cooking and baking.
Yellow or Golden Delicious Apples have firm, crisp flesh that is sweet and juicy. This all-purpose apple is wonderful for snacking, in salads and for cooking and baking. They're a great choice for making low-sugar applesauce and pies.
Gala Apples are excellent for eating and salads. Because of their small size, mellow flavor and thin skin, Gala Apples are a perfect choice for kid's snacks.
Granny Smith Apples were the first green apples introduced to supermarket shoppers across America. This variety succeeded commercially where other green apples could not. It's a large mild-flavored apple with a good balance of tart and sweet. Granny Smith apples are available year-round.
Jonathan Apples are medium sized with a bright red color. The flesh is yellowish-white, occasionally with red veins running through. They are tender, juicy, and moderately tart. This is another all-purpose apple, meaning it can be used for cooking, baking or eating fresh.
McIntosh Apples are a deep red color with a tender white flesh that cooks down quickly, making them a good choice for applesauce. Juicy McIntosh apples are also good for snacking.
Rome Beauty Apples have a mild flavor that is enhanced after cooking or baking. They're a very good choice for desserts like apple crisp and also for fried apples.
Winesap Apples (Stayman Winesap) are a firm but juicy apple with a wine-like, tart flavor. They're good for eating fresh, for making cider, and for baking. Since they hold their shape well when baked, they're good for making apple dumplings.

This is only a sampling of the many versatile varieties of apples. See Apple Varieties for a chart listing these and many other varieties with the characteristics and use of each.

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