Coral Calcium Consumption?

Coral Calcium Consumption?
Although some living sea creatures “feed” on coral, they only eat the polyps or living organisms that produce the coral. They leave behind the stony coral skeleton which is the source of coral calcium.

For example, the Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish “feeds” on coral to eat the polyps. And the Parrot fish crunches up coral with it’s powerful beak, sorts out the plant life and polyps and then spits out the coral calcium skeleton. So, nothing actually consumes and ingests coral.

It’s like the deer living on my property that “feed” on my apple trees. They eat the apples. But, even though they may knock a tree over, they’re not interested in consuming the trees, only the apples. The deer leave the trees behind – which is exactly what you should do with coral calcium.

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