Coral Calcium Deep Down Truth

Coral Calcium Deep Down Truth
Want the truth about coral calcium? If so, let’s stop cutting bait and get down to fishin’. You feed dog food to dogs, cat food to cats and fish food to fish. So where, oh where, does coral fit into the human food chain?

I’ve been to restaurants all over the world and I’ve never once seen coral on a salad bar. That should tell you something, don’t you think? If we, as human beings, were meant to eat coral calcium, don’t you imagine we would have been given fins and gills to assist our underwater grazing?

It's time to bring this issue up from the deep, dark, murky depths and hold it up to the light of day. Previously, in an article about calcium from coral, "Is It Hot or Is It Not," we focused on the practical aspects of hype marketing behind the product. This time I’m appealing to your sense of human intelligence. Or, in other words, are we people or are we mutant marine mammals meant to munch away on a seabed smorgasbord?

It’s time we all stop getting caught up in the dragnets of hype marketers. Companies who sell things like calcium from coral are fishing for your pocket book – that’s all. And they use false promises for bait. They have no commitment to your health, because, if they did, they would give you what your human body wants and needs from human food sources.

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