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Myst IV Revelation Walkthrough
Myst IV Revelation is of course the fourth part to the Myst adventure game series. This series began with the original Myst which was a blockbuster seller, with its incredibly gorgeous graphics and puzzle solving gameplay. Over the years, the game has turned into a video-intensive live action puzzler with intricate musical, contextual and cultural puzzles.

PLEASE do not read ahead! This game is SUPPOSED to take a long time to play, to solve the puzzles. If you just walked from start to end you could probably finish it in 5-8 hours. Sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and immerse yourself in the world of Myst IV. The exploring, trial, error and success is the point of the game. It's not the destination - it's the journey.

The Basics
Basic Controllers
The Back Story
The Characters

Radio Signals
Turning On the Power
Getting To the Two Books

Blue Water World
Getting Started

Red Rock World
Getting Started

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