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July 1 2006 Genealogy Newsletter

Hi..Welcome to this edition of the Bellaonline Genealogy Newsletter. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and taking advantage of any family reunions.

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A new section I am adding is submitting some readers' brick walls or stories to see if any of you may have their missing link or might learn from each other. You may respond to me or them. If you have a submission, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks...

Submission #1:
Dear Tina,

Can you help me with this "Brick Wall"? I am enquiring about Nosen (Nathan) Wierzbowicz who was born in Piontnica, a village near Lomza, Russia (now Poland) on 15 Oct 1886 to Szolim and Ena (nee Farbarowicz). Nosen arrived
at Ellis Island on 14 Aug 1902 to stay with his uncle Nathan Greenberg at 87 Ludlow Street New York. Chaim Wirzbowitz of Lomza arrived at Ellis Island on 12 Nov 1912 to visit his brother Nathan at 75 Leverett Street, Boston,
Massachusetts. What happened to Nathan and where are his descendants today?

Thank you
S. A. Josovic

Submission #2

Yes My mom and I have broke a wall then its been put up again thanks to GenCircles and other online helpers I've had some help from other people. My Surnames are White , Robinson,Pulliam,Brooks,Abbott, Pruitt, Ashby, Martin, Raines,Williams. They are all from Alabama mostly Walker County, Jasper,and Winston Co. Alabama. I like looking for relatives and making new ones,Thanks alot for helping Sincerely yours,Patty. I would like to see my name and relatives in a genealogy book.

Submission #3

I started working with my husband's cousin. She did many hours of research even going to the National Archives. I can not spend that kind of money.
I listened and read bits and pieces from relatives and traced county information, some are much more helpful than others. Don't have all the background.. and do not expect to get it. My family was the same... when I started was all but impossible. My father was born in Oklahoma Territory before Oklahoma was a State, no records and he was a "rolling stone" owning no property , never owned anything, My Grandmother was "Grandma" I didn't know her name...never remember , heard it. My fathers youngest sister told me her name was Clara, I put together information that I remembered.. probably not too reliable last time I saw her I was in the third grade. (around nine years old) I did have a list of cousins...I remembered each Aunt and Uncle spouse and children. Have found one I didn't know about. One cousin posted his information through the Morman Church and I read the results of his search. and then located that family (my father's twin brother, living in California) have located just with presistance, each one of my cousins, except a male cousin , that Uncle was the house where I was born, and his was the first funeral I ever attended, knew where he was burried. We are not very close in location but we did go there . Found several family there with that information.of dates. Still haven't located him, don't think he married, and was much like my father, a rolling stone. he did serve in the Navy in WWII. havent search there yet. Just keep searching the small clues you find. and continue the mystery hunt. Roots Web was a big help plus the 'Family Tree' extra programs I bought. I didn't use a magazine, did go to the city libarary and look at what they have to offer. Jean Jennings, Amarillo, Texas
Searching for: Jennings, Young, Barnes, Brown, Standifer, and many others.
Jean Jennings

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