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May 23 2009 LDS Families Newsletter

Heavens above, it’s been too long! With the upheaval in my home the past few weeks (my own hospitalization for Asthma, one of the triplets’ dislocating his elbow TWICE, helping my oldest figure out a talent for the talent show, my husband moving to an insane shift at work, just to name a few contributors) I have kept up with weekly articles, but barely, and have utterly failed in the newsletter department this whole past month. I realize that this may be a case of my trying to do too much. I like to personalize the newsletter, essentially creating a whole new article. But, if I’m swamped (and, um, in the hospital not breathing!) perhaps it would be better to simply send off a bare-bones with a brief “hello” than nothing at all.

I want to thank all of you who have emailed me during these weeks when everything has been so crazy. I do read every email, and reply to it. You’ll be hearing from me soon, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long.


One fun thing—I’ve discovered Facebook! Hee hee hee hee hee! Actually my sister in law urged me to try it out so I could network and spread news of my writing exploits and ventures (seeing as how my “lance” has been “free” for too long now. Triplets’ll do that for a while!) I’ve discovered it’s like a never-ending class reunion. If any of you are fb fans and want to be my friend, I’d be very pleased! I am sorry, I don’t yet know how to direct you to me, since you have to be logged in or it won’t let you see my page. But, I am Jamie Rose, and to make it easier, my fb profile picture is the same as my BellaOnline profile picture. (When I searched for myself on fb from a friend’s computer without being logged in, I was on the first page of results.) When you send a friend request, just mention that you “know” me from the LDS Families Site at BellaOnline. (Let’s face it, if you’ve read even a couple of my articles you pretty much do know me!)


The one I posted yesterday is what I had hoped to have finished before Mother’s Day. It means a lot to me. I have always loved and respected my mom, but, even though I wanted to have children my whole life, and planned on staying home with them once I did, for some reason for several years I was very invested in seeing myself as very unlike her. I have recently seen parallels in my attitude toward her and the world’s attitude toward Mother Eve. Over the past few years I have come to feel very grateful for Eve, and, as I discussed in the last newsletter where I reviewed Beverly Campbell’s book, “Eve and the Choice Made in Eden,” coming to understand her role has helped me make peace, and feel strength and pleasure in, my role and identity as a woman. I had a minor epiphany recently where I seemed to see the connection between Eve’s journey, my mother’s, and my own. This article is a tribute to Mother Eve and every woman who has followed her example.

This week’s product review covers a large board book dealing with John 3:16, “For God So Loved the World,” by Dai Daley Mackall.

As I look over the LDS Families Site homepage, I am struck that of the six articles highlighted, two have to do with parenting, and two with our First Parents. I try to vary the subjects from week to week. In fact, I have a rough plan of upcoming articles rotating six basic topics in order to cover everything that is relevant to LDS families. I do pray daily about what I should write and how I should write it, and ultimately I follow what I feel prompted to write about. I wonder if I might be getting it wrong, though. I see that the terms most commonly searched for and he articles most commonly clicked on are frequently not those I feel strongly about covering. Of course one of my goals is to increase traffic and become know to as many readers as possible in the interest of advancing my career (which has been pretty much stalled in “babyworld” for the past four or five years.) Before anything else, however, my desire and intention is to write what my Heavenly Father would have me write. I am so grateful to have the chance to share my testimony and the gospel in this way, and I truly strive to follow my Father’s instructions. I hope that I am correctly interpreting the Spirit’s whisperings, and not simply falling back on subjects that are most interesting and comfortable to me.


I told my oldest that I have a surprise for him tomorrow for his preschool graduation. Before bed tonight he asked, “so, Mommy, is my surprise big or little?”
Predictably I answered, “medium.”
“Ok, then I have a medium day coming up tomorrow! I’d better get medium rest!”

This hit home for me as I strive to find balance an proportion in determining what to spend my time, energy, and focus on.


DO NOT attempt potty training when your child is constipated! Oh yes, I am learning this the hard way! (Pun, yes; intended, no—but it’s kind of inevitable, isn’t it?) We began training the triplets on Monday. Two of them are doing great. Unfortunately, one little guy was blocked last week. He was crying and straining so much, and, figuring it would be easier for him if he were upright, I plopped him on the potty he had yet to sit on. Of course, now he associates the potty with pain and will not even sit on it! Ok, how did I miss that? I’m no rookie, and, even if I were, that ‘s not the sort of obvious mistake I’d make! Please, let my headache save you from the same fate. And, if anyone ahs suggestions, email me from the BellaOnline website, respond to this email, or find me on facebook!

Thanks again guys. Please, do send feedback, and, as I alluded to the freedom my lance has had for the past few years, please forward this newsletter on to anyone you feel might enjoy it. My hope is to develop a large enough readership that when I finish my book agents and publishers will feel I’m worth the risk.

Until next week (fingers and heart crossed!) Have a great Memorial Day!

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I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback!

Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Jamie Rose, LDS Families Editor

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