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August 17 2013 Literary Fiction Newsletter

Hi there!

This week, the Literary Fiction newsletter is jam-packed with a lot of interesting new features that I trust you'll find most exciting. First and foremost, I'll present to you the latest article from the Literary Fiction site: my one-on-one with Author Paige Dearth.

Paige is the author of Believe Like a Child, - a novel I reviewed a couple of articles ago -, and she has also come forth with her second book, When Smiles Fade, which I'll be reviewing in a few months' time. If you read my review on her first book, you'll understand that, although I was thoroughly impressed with her writing technique, I wasn't much excited about the way the book started...the too-many situational descriptions that the book could've done without, as well as the intense ferocity that permeates throughout the novel. Paige answers my question about this as best she can, and I hope that this interview helps to answer some questions you might have as well, if you've read her work. Here's the link:

Author Interview - Paige Dearth


>> flummox [fluhm-uh ks]. A Verb

Meaning: To bewilder, confound; confuse.
Synonym: baffle; mystify
Antonym: clarify; enlighten.


> {} In England, this year's Plymouth International Book festival will be hosting a lot of mega-stars in the literary world, A.K.A top bestsellers, as the country celebrates a nine-day book event in the city of Plymouth. The bestsellers who'll be making appearances include Man Booker Prize winner Ben Okri, bestseller Kate Mosse, authors Charlie Higson and Gavin Extence. The festival will hold from October 31st through to November 9th, 2013.

> {} Mozambican writer Mia Couto gets mixed reviews about his latest book 'The Tuner of Silences'. While his technique in the novel is much praised, a few themes he examines causes a rise of the eyebrow. Does this book meet up to the standards of his earlier works, which have earned him numerous prizes and recognition? Check out his latest book and get your opinion heard.

> {} From September 19th-22nd, 2013, the Comeraghs Wild festival programme will be taking place across the Comeragh mountains' communities in Ireland. The festival showcases the country's heritage, nature, literature, and music. Irish author Claire Keegan and poet Mark Roper will be joining storyteller Niall de Burca at the festival to celebrate this yearly event.


August 17 - V. S. Naipaul
August 17 - Jonathan Franzen
August 19 - James Gould Cozzens
August 19 - Ogden Nash
August 20 - Edgar Guest
August 20 - Salvatore Quasimodo
August 21 - Robert Stone
August 22 - Annie Proulx
August 22 - Dorothy Parker
August 24 - Orson Scott Card
August 24 - A. S. Byatt


'The Glass Ocean' by Lori Baker - August 1
'Archangel' by Andrea Barrett - August 19
'After Her' by Joyce Maynard - August 20
'The Good Lord Bird' by James McBride - August 20
'The Third Kingdom' by Terry Goodkind - August 20
'Night Film: A Novel' by Marisha Pessl - August 20


Get over your fear of public speaking. Easier said than done, isn't it? Indeed it's not that simple to get over a big fear like that of public speaking. BUT, it can be done. It can be worked on. How? By practicing. How, you ask again...well, the quickest way to hop on the train towards the road to victory over that fear, is to join a club, group, or association that encourages and embodies what you fear. An example of this would be, say, a book club – where you can interact with book lovers like yourself and share your thoughts about your favorite books. Another such club would be a Toastmasters club. This association greatly encourages public speaking and teaches you on how to be confident in both verbal and non-verbal communication. I myself recently joined a Toastmasters club (only as a visitor so far), and I have to say it's indeed an awesome way to improve yourself and learn to be self-assured in not only yourself as a person, but in what you have to offer/say. So let's get over our fear of public speaking...join a book club or a Toastmasters association, check it out this coming week...if you like what you see and feel comfortable about the way they do things, then become a member, and realize the benefits such an organization can hold for you. Let's do it. This week.


The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone, is the moment to absolutely and utterly walk way.
--- Anonymous

I do hope you enjoyed the changes and additions to the Literary Fiction newsletter; feel free to contact me with your comments, questions and/or concerns, I thrive greatly on your feedback! Simply reply to this newsletter, or type your message into the comment box on my Bio page (

In the next newsletter, I will be discussing a writing contest which will now be held every six(6) weeks, in which the winner will get to have his/her 'article' or blurb featured live in the Literary Fiction site! More details about this to come.

Do have fun passing this email along to family and friends. Have a fantastic week ahead!

Warmest regards,

Ije Kanu, Literary Fiction Editor

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