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April 2 2011 Ezines & Newsletters Newsletter

Newsletter Communiqué
Your Newsletter Communication Network
Vol. 1 Issue 2 April 2, 2011
Editor's Note
Welcome to the second issue of the Ezines and Newsletter Site here on Bellaonline. The tagline here is: Your Newsletter Communication Network.

This site is going to be more than just "how to's" and "where to's". My goal or vision for this site is to show you how to really communicate with your subscribers, members, customers, clients (potential and prospective), readers audience and anything else you may call the people who reads you newsletter. And we want people to really read your newsletters. We want your newsletters to be the ones they go to year after year as resources for their lives. We want them waiting for your newsletter to show up. We want them waiting for the next issue, publication or ezines (electronic magazines) to be released.

So with that said I must make you aware that this newsletter, itself, will probably go through a couple more changes as I, too, begin to build my list and newsletter. So I too am trying different things myself to see what works for me, as well. So as you can see we can do this together and learn from one another. But it has to come from the slant of bring proper communication back into focus again. The right word with the right meaning. The correct word with the right meaning. English proper shall I say.

Be sure to keep reading your newsletter for more details on the vision of this site.
New Comers

Welcome if you are a new subscriber or reader of The Newsletter Communiqué. I hope you will find this site informative and inspiring as well as encouraging. I hope you enjoy your experience.

Please join us in the community forum for discussions and conversations on newsletters, ezines, and anything else we may choose to have conversation about. Also stop by the "Introduction" thread and introduce yourself to the community. We'd love to welcome you.
Article Update

Here are the new articles posted on the Ezines & Newsletters Site at Bellaonline.com -

Article Marketing - Building Your List

Article Marketing has been a way of promoting and marketing products, services, websites, etc. This article only touches the surface of the basis for using Article Marketing as a way to build your subscriber's list and also increase traffic to your website or blog.

Doing a Quarterly Newsletter

Quarterly Newsletters are good for professional organizations, non profits, associations and societies/clubs. Usually all of these require some type of membership so quarterly newsletters fit right in. However, there are other uses for quarterly newsletters.


Be sure to visit ezine.bellaonline.com for more articles and information on ezines and newsletters.
Community Forum

You are welcomed and encouraged to check out the free online community forum that is a companion to the Ezines and Newsletters Site. There is a discussion thread with the post title "Introduction." I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

Current Discussions

The Q & A discussion thread that was mentioned in the first issue is up and running. It's waiting for your questions to be addressed in an article on the website.

There is also, a discussion thread started on "Doing a Quarterly Newsletter." The thread is featuring three questions to be answered by you if you happen to visit.

The Ezines and Newsletters community forum is located here -


I hope you will take advantage of the information available on the Ezines and Newsletters Site and in the community forum. I look forward to hearing from you either in the forum or in response to this email message.

You are welcome to contact me via email with any suggestions, questions or comments you may have. Your feedback is very important to the health and success of this site.

If you have enjoyed this newsletter or found it to be helpful, feel free to pass it along to family and friends and even business associates who maybe just starting out.
Next Issue date April 16, 2011

Topics will be:
> A Rundown on Free Online Article Directories
> The Difference Between Promoting and Marketing

Grace D. Dooley, Ezines & Newsletters Editor

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