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December 1 2011 Organization Newsletter

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Organize Your Computer

Is there more clutter on your computer desktop than there is on your actual desktop? Do you dread trying to find the file you need? If so, take action! These tips will help you organize your digital world.

Reminder: This newsletter, How To Organize, is sent each Thursday. Issues have been expanded and will include tips and resources. Plus there will always be a Question of the Week feature. I hope you will answer it!

This week's question is: The holidays are very much food centered. How do you keep your kitchen organized?

Pop on over to the forum and let me know. Here is the link:


This weeks Organizing Extra was written with the question of the week in mind. (The Organizing Extra is a fresh feature to this newsletter. It's micro article with a couple of quick tips. Please share your feedback on this added feature.)

Organizing Extra - How To Stay Sane in the Kitchen:

Food, cooking and baking are a large part of the holiday season. Far too often these things becomes stress inducing. The planning and shopping alone can drive an otherwise sane person right over the edge. Not mention the actual kitchen prep time.
The good news is that it doesn't have to be stressful, it can be fun, even relaxing. Here are some tips to make it happen:

1.Take time to gather all your favorite recipes and create a master shopping list. Shop from this list to make sure you have all the ingredients on hand. No one wants to be mid recipe and discover the next ingredient is missing. This tip makes sure that won't happen.

2. Grocery shop early. This will give you the best selection with the least amount of hassle. The closer you get to the holidays the more crowded the store. To lessen the stress further, shop at off peak hours. You will be able to move through the store more quickly when the aisles are clear.

3. If you are hosting a party be sure to ask about any dietary restrictions well before the event. Naturally you would ask those you aren't familiar with, but ask older relatives too. Often times diets change as we age. Better to learn now that Uncle Leo and Aunt Freda are on a low salt, low fat diet, rather than when you serve up your famous ham, cheese and potato casserole.

4. Potluck is OK, really it is. Just because you have always cooked the entire meal doesn't mean you have to keep at it. Save yourself time, stress and money, ask others to pitch in. People are often thrilled to be asked to bring a signature dish.

5. Embrace short cuts. For example, if you want to have fun decorating gingerbread houses, skip the actual baking of the gingerbread and buy a kit. Ditto for cookies. Buy slice and bake. Then spend your time on the fun part, the decorating with family and friends.


Organizing Resource (Another new feature. This will highlight some resource related to the topic of the week or the season we are in.)

Take back control of your time, just in time to enjoy the holidays!

What if you could actually relax knowing all your to-do's were accounted for?
What if you could stop feeling stressed out and exhausted?
Just imagine how great that would be!

You don't have to be content imagining. The Less Stress, More Joy Holiday [Un]Workshop can make it a reality!

Learn about it here (There is a whole section dedicated to kitchen organizing!):


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Kelly Jayne McCann, Organization Editor

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