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December 16 2011 Organization Newsletter

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What Causes Clutter?

Have you tried to declutter and been frustrated by your lack of progress? In order to be truly successful at clearing and controlling clutter, it's important to know why you have it to begin with. Discover the root cause (or causes) of your clutter and watch your clutter disappear!


The Question of the Week: The New Year is fast approaching, will you make any resolutions?

Pop on over to the forum and let me know. Here is the link:


This weeks Organizing Extra was written with the question of the week in mind. (The Organizing Extra is a fresh feature to this newsletter. It's micro article with a couple of quick tips. Please share your feedback on this added feature.)

Three Tips for Setting Goals

1. Choose goals based on authentic desires.

Never choose a goal based on what you think you 'should' do. You will be setting yourself up for failure and resentment if you are acting only out of obligation. Choose a goal based on something you truly want. Your goal should resonate with you at your soul level.

2. Beware of contradictory goals.

This is important. If you have conflicting goals you will forever be fighting with yourself. If you set a goal that is work related, say a promotion within X months, and that goal will require late hours and lots of travel, then you can't have a goal that says you will maintain work/life balance. You can have both goals, just not at the same time.

3. Write your goal, be descriptive and use the present tense.

With your goal in mind begin writing a description of how it feels and what it means to you. Use the present tense. Make it sound like it has happened. It doesn't have to be lengthy. And it doesn't have to be particularly articulate. The one thing it should do is make you excited. If this were your reality how would you feel? Anything less than thrilled means you haven't quite hit the mark. The idea is that your goal should truly inspire you. After all, if it doesn't excite you now it certainly won't later. Think of your goal description as a source of energy. It will recharge you and keep you going, even when things are exhausting.


Organizing Resource: Clutter Control Workshop

* Are you overwhelmed by clutter?
* Do you wonder if you will ever be able to get organized?
* Are you stuck because you don't know where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Clutter Control 101 Workshop is for you. Taught by a professional organizer, this workshop will show you how to take charge, let go of clutter and keep it from coming back for good. In six weeks you can go from cluttered to clear!

Learn about it here (FYI - A Winter Solstice Special is happening now, meaning a deep discount on tuition.):


Would you like to learn something new, share something you know or participate in fun and informative online discussions? We have a community forum all about Organization located here:

Please let me know if there is an issue you would ike to see covered. I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback!

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Kelly Jayne McCann, Organization Editor

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