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December 9 2011 Organization Newsletter

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How to Organize Errands

Errands, ugh! No one wants to do them, but they have to get done. A little planning goes a long way toward making errand running more manageable. These easy tips will help you save time, energy and money (gas is expensive!).


This week's question is: The holidays can be somewhat frenzied. How do you keep clutter under control when what you really want to be doing is having seasonal fun?

Pop on over to the forum and let me know. Here is the link:


This weeks Organizing Extra was written with the question of the week in mind. (The Organizing Extra is a fresh feature to this newsletter. It's micro article with a couple of quick tips. Please share your feedback on this added feature.)

Three Tips To Make Cleaning Easy

Schedule Your Cleaning Tasks

If you hate cleaning, and honestly most of us do, then creating a habit will help guarantee it gets done. If you decide that each Monday is bathroom cleaning day, then you don't have to think it about until Monday rolls around. Pretty soon it will feel natural to clean the bathroom on Monday. Do the same for the other rooms in your home, schedule in a regular time for those as well. Dirt won't have time to build up if you keep to a weekly schedule, meaning you can move through the tasks more quickly.

Keep Supplies Where You Use Them

It's much easier to tackle a task when the supplies you need are close at hand. It saves time and energy. Often the road block to getting started is that you don't have quick access to what you need. Take that block out of the way and you will be much more likely to actually do the task in a timely fashion.

Eliminate The Evidence

This is really about tidying as you go. If you use it, put it away. If you make a mess, clean it up. For example, after making a sandwich put away the fixings and wipe the counter. It will take less than a minute. Now you can relax as you eat knowing that you don't have to worry about cleaning up. It's far easier to take action immediately than deal with things after they pile up.


Organizing Resource (Another new feature. This will highlight some resource related to the topic of the week or the season we are in.)

Take back control of your time, just in time to enjoy the holidays!

What if you could actually relax knowing all your to-do's were accounted for?
What if you could stop feeling stressed out and exhausted?
Just imagine how great that would be!


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Kelly Jayne McCann, Organization Editor

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