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April 10 2010 Organization Newsletter

Greetings from BellaOnline Organization!

The tree outside my window is bursting with new leaves, daylight is lingering until late evening, and there's a new freshness to the air. Spring is here! This season of opening up and growth is the perfect time to clear the clutter from your life and make room for the new. Let BellaOnline Organization be your guide.

This month's articles are focused on how to tackle some challenging organizing issues: dealing with papers and tackling "someday I will…" clutter. First up: a straightforward but effective way of starting to take back control of your papers and files

Simple Steps to an Effective Filing System
Getting--and keeping--the papers in your life organized is much easier when you have an effective system for sorting and storing them. Here's how to create (or update) a paper organizing system that works for you.
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Want more help getting your papers under control?
Check out my new e-book, The Organized Life Guide to Organizing Papers & Files, which features tips, projects, worksheets, and guidelines designed to help you bring more order to all of the papers in your life, from mail and magazines to coupons and financial statements. Click here to read more about the guide.

If paper is one of the biggest sources of disorganization in our lives, aspirational or "someday I will..." clutter is its evil twin. "Someday I will..." clutter is stuff we hold onto, often for years, because we intend to use it...someday! Of course, this means it often gets in the way of the stuff we actually need, want, and use today. If there's aspirational clutter lurking anywhere in your world, you'll appreciate the series of articles on the different forms it takes—and how to tackle each of them. Here's one:

Avoiding "Someday I Will..." Clutter: Crafts
Is there clutter in your home--skeins of yarn, scrapbooking supplies, boxes of beads--related to crafts you plan to take up...someday? Here's how to identify--and clear out--this kind of someday-I-will clutter.
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Visit the BellaOnline Organization site,, for articles on other types of "Someday I Will..." clutter, along with tips on managing your time and To Do list, getting organized for spring travel, and a wealth of other information that can help you spring clean your life. Here's to clearing out, opening up, and making the most of the season ahead!

My best to you,
Emily Wilska
Organization Editor

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