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August 9 2006 Organization Newsletter

Greetings from BellaOnline's Organization site!

There are lots of misconceptions about getting organized. Many folks think that they're hopeless and will never be able to get their stuff and their lives in order. Others believe that unless they can get absolutely, perfectly, impeccably organized, it's not worth trying at all. And there will always be those who think that there's no value in getting organized.

To all of those things I say an emphatic "Not true!" I also believe that it's entirely possible to get—and stay—organized without spending a lot of money; after all, organizing is for everyone, not just the wealthy. There are, however, a few small and relatively inexpensive organizing-related investments that can make a world of difference. This week's article highlights four of them:

Worthwhile Organizing Investments
You don't need to spend lots of money to get organized, but making a few smart investments can help make the organizing process easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient. Here are four smart ways to invest.
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I recently spent a week visiting my family back east, where I had the opportunity to enjoy long, leisurely dinners, sit outside and read for hours, relax on the beach, and simply take the time to catch up with my loved ones. After all, isn't that what summer is for? These long, beautiful days come around only once a year, and I always make it a goal to make the best of them.

This month, before the hustle and bustle of fall starts again, I encourage you to give yourself a mini-vacation from some of your everyday responsibilities—including organizing. Need some ideas on how to fill the time you won’t be using to organize? This article can help:

Rather than Organizing, Why Not...
Getting organized is hard work. This week, give yourself a break from the sorting, purging, and stashing and treat yourself to one of these five activities.
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Be sure to visit BellaOnline's Organizing site in the coming weeks for ideas on getting organized for school, managing your time wisely, and planning some great events for the upcoming season. In the meantime, though, enjoy these golden days of summer.

I love to hear your comments and suggestions; feel free to contact me at Happy August!

My best to you,
Emily Wilska
Organization Editor
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