Formula 1 is a highly political sport with battles being fought between teams and organisers every single day. Catch up with the highlights of these feuds.

Bridgestone Support "Make Cars Green" Campaign star
Bridgestone have thrown their full weight behind the FIA´s newest environmentally friendly campaign, and in Japan we´re able to see some tyres striped with green paint. Here we look at the campaign, and the tyres.

Ecclestone Wants Medals System for 2009 star
Bernie believes the real cause of the lack of overtaking is that there is nothing pushing the drivers to get the win, when they can calculate points instead. Here we look at his reasons, and how the new system would work.

F1 and the Credit Crunch star
Formula 1 is normally quite an insular sport, but even it can´t escape the current financial issues of the world. Here we look at what affect the crisis is having on the sport.

F1 Weekend Overhaul star
There have been a lot of discussions recently about the changes within Formula 1 to make it more interesting. Are they working and what could the future be?

Fighting Over A Formula 1 Driver star
What happens when a driver can't decide between two teams? Here I'll tell you about the latest driver row, and how an older argument was settled.

FOM Settle Royalties Row star
Whilst the main topic of controversy so far has been the diffuser row, another argument has been bubbling under the surface, as teams complain that Bernie isn´t paying them the money he owes them.

Formula One Teams Association star
It´s unusual for F1 teams to agree on anything, let alone get a unanimous decision. But all ten constructors were in favour of setting up this new association, so let´s take a look at what it´s all about.

Formula1.com Host Exclusive Video star
With the recent penalty-strewn Japanese Grand Prix hitting headlines and staying in them, the official F1 website has brought out some official video clips for the first time. Here we look at what they´re offering and why.

ICA Reject McLaren Appeal star
The International Court of Appeal have said that McLaren´s appeal against Lewis Hamilton´s Belgium penalty is inadmissible and have therefore rejected it. Here we look at what happened and why they came to that decision.

Manufacturers Unhappy with Standard Engines star
With the threat of a standard engine looming, two of the manufacturers are finally speaking out about their future in the sport. Here we look at who they are, and how the FIA reacted to their announcements.

McLaren and Ferrari in Spy Investigation star
It all started with the Ferrari team manager being investigated by Ferrari at the Italian courts, and now it has escalated into a full-scale police investigation about conspiracy theories and plots to share technological information.

McLaren Cleared But It's Far From Over star
The story has been rumbling for a few months now and the result was read out last week. McLaren are guilty but without proof there can be no repurcussions. The story does not end there though, in fact, it´s only just started.

McLaren's Brazil Appeal Rejected star
McLaren appealed against the stewards decision in Brazil, that BMW and Williams were running with illegal fuel. The FIA Court of Appeal took their time but finally came up with a decision.

McLaren's Miserable Teammates star
Although the race was interesting in it´s own right, the Hungarian Grand Prix was completely overshadowed by the McLaren Qualifying incident. Here are both sides of the story.

Mosley and Ecclestone Debate the Internet star
The FIA are starting to encourage Formula 1 on the internet, but Bernie Ecclestone isn´t so keen. Here we look at both sides of the argument, and what might happen in the future.

Mosley Gets FIA Vote of Confidence star
Since the Max Mosley scandal story broke back in March, there have been various calls of both support and dissent against the FIA President. However, the story should come to an end here, today, and here we discuss whether it will or not.

Pay Drivers Are Here to Stay star
Pay drivers earned their negative reputation in the 90's, but they have always been a part of the Formula 1. With teams strapped for cash, this practice has seen increased popularity for the 2011 season.

Politics In Spain star
Bernie Ecclestone has recently announced the introduction of two new circuits for the 2008 calendar, but they did not come easily.

Sir Jackie Stewart Blasts Ecclestone star
An interesting way to kick off the new year, Jackie Stewart hits out at Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley. Here we take a look at his complaints over the way the sport is run.

Super Aguri Sale Off star
The two customer car teams - Toro Rosso and Super Aguri - are both up for sale and although it looked like SA was a done deal, things are not looking so rosy. Here we look at what setbacks they´ve had this time.

The Belgium Incident in More Detail star
The Hamilton/Raikkonen incident that ocurred during the Belgian Grand Prix this past weekend has caused plenty of consternation between fans and drivers alike. Here is a more detailed look at what happened, and what the problems are.

The Customer Car Row star
The argument about teams buying in their car rather than building it themselves rages on. Here, I discuss the pros and cons of the debate.

The FIA and Inconsistencies star
The recent European Grand Prix at Valencia has opened up a lot of questions about the FIA and how they make decisions.

The FIA Cause Fan Frustrations star
With the impending McLaren appeal hanging over the 2007 Championship results, some fans are feeling the frustration of a season that has been overshadowed by politics.

The FIA Presence at Grands Prix star
No one from the FIA turned up the inaugural Valencian GP, despite the much hyped anticipation. Here we look at why this might be, and what the effect of them being at a race is.

The FIA's Full Decision Regarding McLaren Espionage star
This Thursday, in Paris, the World Motorsport Council met to determine what should happen to McLaren in light of the new evidence that was uncovered.

The FOTA Sign Articles of Association star
The brand new Formula One Teams Association have got themselves organised. Here we look at what they aim to do and where they are going to start.

The Future Of Night Racing star
Night races are a distinct possibility for future calendar additions and here I look at both sides of the argument.

The Max Mosley Scandal star
Max Mosley has been hitting the headlines for the past few weeks, and for all the wrong reasons. Here I discuss what the problems are, the reaction from those that matter, and what it means for the future.

The Superlicence Debate star
The recent price hike in Superlicence fees has caused concern amongst the paddock, but the FIA refuse to budge on the price. What does this mean and how will it affect the future?

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