Pregnancy and Birth

Twin pregnancies are often considered "high risk". Click here to read articles on possible complications and how to avoid them.

Bed Rest Tips During Twin Pregnancy star
Bed rest can be one of the most difficult parts of a multiple pregnancy. You might feel "sentenced" to you bed when you have a list of things that need to be done! Here are some tips that will help you keep your sanity!

Bedrest star[offsite link]
This is web page created by other mothers on what to do when on bedrest. It gives cute stories and informing articles. Also available are facts about the tocolytes, or drugs, used to prevent preterm labor.

Bedrest and Twin Pregnancies star
What is bedrest? How does it affect a woman pregnant with twins?

Choosing the Right NICU For Your Twins star
Being prepared is a must when pregnant with twins. Have you researched your hospital´s NICU unit?

Complications of Pregnancy star[offsite link]
This site defines and elaborates on several problems which could occur during pregnancy, especially when carrying multiples.

Coping with the NICU star
Here are some wonderful tips that will help you cope when/if your multiples are in the NICU after birth.

Dr. Barbara Luke´s Site star[offsite link]
Barbara Luke is a leading expert on nutrition during a multiple pregnancy. Surf her site for information on how to maximize your chances of having a healthy, happy pregnancy!

Energy Tips For A Twin Pregnancy! star
During a twin pregnancy the "sluggish" feel can get a little tiring to say the least! Here are some healthy and tasty energy boosters that are sure to help you during your twin pregnancy!

Factors Affecting a Twin Pregnancy star
In general, doctors and studies have identified several aspects of a woman's history and habits that can affect the outcome of a multiple pregnancy.

Fetal Milestones During Second Trimester star
An overview of the milestones that your multiples are experiencing during your second trimester!

First Trimester of a Twin Pregnancy star
Read on to find out what to expect during your first trimester of a twin pregnancy.

Four Steps to a Healthy Twin Pregnancy star
Having twins makes more demands on a woman's body. Here are some ways to make sure your pregnancy is a healthy one for you and your babies.

General Information on Twin Pregnancy star
Click here to read articles and links about what to expect during a twin pregnancy.

Great Foods To Eat During A Twin Pregnancy star
Adequate nutrition during your pregnancy is doubly important when you are carrying twins. Many studies have shown a direct relationship between good nutrition during pregnancy and good health of the babies.

High Risk Obstetrics star[offsite link]
Dr. Daniel M. Lasser discusses several high risk pregnancy issues from asthma, to diabetes, to recurrent miscarriage, to preeclampsia and more. The site gives early warning signs and symptoms of most pregnancy problems.

High Risk Obstetrics: Multiple Gestation star[offsite link]
This module reviews the risks involved in multiple births. Reviews cardiac disease, hematological disorders, and respiratory disorders.

Hip Maternity Wear for Expectant Moms of Twins star
Being pregnant with twins gives you twice the glow. Here are some tips on how to find great clothes with style while you´re pregnant with twins.

Lasting Effects of Prematurity star
Premature babies face challenges that may last well into their childhood

Lasting Effects of Prematurity star

Oh the Joy of Twins! star
If you're having twins and are feeling nervous about it, this is one article that will put your mind at ease!

Planning for Twins star
Click here to read articles on how to plan for your little ones´ arrival!

Pre-eclampsia Information site star[offsite link]
A compiled list of risks, causes, symptoms, and treatments for pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, and related problems. Offers pregnancy diaries, a discussion group, and stories.

Selecting the Right Pediatrician for Your Twins star
Making sure you select the right pediatrician for your twins is vital! Here are some must-ask questions and tips that will help you choose the perfect one for your family!

Sidelines National Support Network star[offsite link]
Sidelines offers support and information to those experiencing “high risk” pregnancies. They provide education, intervention, and support. Currently they feature eight articles on Preterm Labor, What to do on Bedrest, Family Issues, and Statistics.

Signs of Postpartum Depression star
Mothers of twins are at a greater risk of postpartum depression. Here are the warning signs to look out for.

The First Trimester of Your Twin Pregnancy star
An overview of your babies development during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

The Third Trimester of Your Twin Pregnancy star
An overview of what to expect during the third trimester of your twin pregnancy.

Twin Hope star[offsite link]
This international center for diseases focuses on twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome but also includes other twin related diseases. they provide information, support groups, research, fund-raisers, articles, newsletters, and much more.

Twin Pregnancy Complications star
Twin pregnancies are often considered "high risk"; click here to read articles on possible complications and how to avoid them.

Twin-to-Twin Tranfusion Syndrome (TTTS) star
Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome affects up to 25% of identical twin pregnancies where the twins share one placenta.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome star
Up to 1/3 of multiple pregnancies result in a vanishing twin.

What to Expect When Expecting Twins! star
These are a couple of things that no one tells you to expect when you're expecting twins!

Why Older Women are More Likely to Have Twins star[offsite link]
Read about a study that explains why older women often find themselves pregnant with a "bonus" baby!

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