Abuse & Addiction

Addictions & Children
Abuse, Children and Addiction, what do these have in common?

Help For Kids Dealing with Addiction Problems star
For kids dealing with addictions of any kind, please know that Addiction is not a fight you can handle all by yourself.

A Grieving Mom Writes to Santa star
A grieving Mother, whose son died from a heroin overdose, sends a wish list to Santa Claus.

Addiction-A Medical or Moral Issue? star
Is chemcial dependency a medical and public health issue or a moral issue?

Alicia Rose Not Forgotten star
Mothers' question, "Why?" Why did their child have to die?

Alicia RoseTrying To Get Her Life Back star
A young girl tries desperately to recover from a heroin addiction. She commits suicide because of red tape & lack of concern by health care providers.

Are Physicians Helping Addicts Kick The Habit? star
Primary care physicians say they are uncomfortable talking to their patients about addiction.

Book by 12 GriefNet Parents star[offsite link]
The book, BETWEEN TWO PAGES:Children of Substance by Susan Hubenthal (BellaOnline´s Host of Addictions and Children) and GriefNet Parents is available at www.authorhouse.com, www.griefnet.org/bookstore, and amazon.com.

Deadly Pain Patches star
Fentyl pain patches are a prescrition drug used to control severe pain. It contains a strong narcotic. Hundreds of deaths have occurred from its misuse and abuse.

Dear Santa star
A grieving Mother´s letter to Santa.

Fear and Addiction! star
Fear of failure is one reason people turn to stuff they think will help them feel high and in control!

Find Grief Support. star[offsite link]
Email support for parents grieving the loss of a child to drugs.

For All Mother's star
Nostalgia revisited for all Mother´s.

GriefNet star
GriefNet.org is an Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss. We have 37 e-mail support groups and two web sites. Our integrated approach to on-line grief support provides help to people working through loss and grief issues of all kinds. Our companion site, KIDSAID, provides a safe environment for kids and their parents to find information and ask questions.

How moms can help their teenage addicts star
Despite our efforts as parents to give our kids the best upbringing, things still go wrong and we wonder where we have failed. It is sometimes even tougher on moms, especially where they are blamed for the poor turn-out of their kids. Here's a little help for moms.

Introduction: BETWEEN TWO PAGES star
Introduction to a grieving parent whose son died from a heroin overdose, highlighting Chapter Eleven from the book, BETWEEN TWO PAGES:Children of Substance by Susan Hubenthal & GriefNet Parents.

Is There Any Hope? star
Parents find little help or hope against the drug war. Their addicted children are being incarcerated for possession and many are mentally ill, but are not receiving their medication or drug treatment.

Keeping Children Safe from Adult Content star
While the internet is great for so many things, it also exposes our kids to some negative influences from unhealthy adult only content sites. If left unaddressed, our kids will get addicted to these unhealthy sites, and that can ruin their lives for good.

More Teens Risky Behavior star
Any parent who has raised a teenager, knows the difficult task of determining if risky behavior is simply raging hormones, depression, or drugs.

Mother's Day Memories star
This is for all Mother´s on Mother´s Day.

Neglect is Tougher on Children star
Neglect is tougher on children. A child who feels unloved or unwanted, would naturally feel there is something wrong with him or her, and would do all h/she can to win some attention.

NO! Not My Son Part Two star
Kelly's graduation from Job Corps was his shining moment, his glory days. He was elected twice as Class President and he did a fabulous job giving the Graduation Speech. I was filled with love, pride and hope. Kelly was so positive that day,. so filled with determination and plans for his future.

No! Not my son! Part One star
My child is dead! He died from a heroin overdose.I will never be able to erase the horror of that moment when I heard my child had died. Did he suffer? Was he afraid?

Prescription Drugs star
Prescrition Drugs are lethal in the hands of an addict.

Something About Kelly, More Nails star
How many nails in my som´s coffin?

Something About Kelly, The Beginning star
How many nails in my son's coffin?

Something About Kelly, The Final Nail star
How many nails in my son's coffin?

Teens Risky Behavior star
Any parent who has raised a teenager, knows the difficult task of determining if risky behavior is simply raging hormones, depression, or drugs.

The drug war has cost billions of dollars and yet our children continue to die.

The Other War star
The Drug War has caused our prisons to become housing for those who need medical help and treatment.

Today . . . star
A Mother remembers her son on the anniversary date of his death to a heroin overdose.

Today . . . star
A Mother remembers her son on the anniversary date of his death to an overdose of heroin.

War on Drugs in 2007 star
Ten steps to help bring awareness to the failed 'War on Drugs'.

Ways dads can help their teenage addicts. star
Fathers can have great influence on their kids. It is not uncommon to find teenage sons struggle to get the approval of their dad. sometimes to get his attention, they can get involved in harmful behavior.

What is Harm Reduction? star
Education in Harm Reduction overdose prevention, lives are being saved. Parents of addicted children can learn how to find ways help save their kids lives.

Why do celebrities do drugs? star
Why do celebrities do drugs? is there a justifiable excuse for substance abuse?

Why Do Kids Take Drugs? star
Mentally, emotionally, physically ill and kids with low self esteem who abuse drugs, often turn away from prescribed medications that would make their lives more complete.

Why Kids Use Drugs star
Why do children do drugs i the first place?

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