Mixed Lace Free Tatting Patterns

Here are free tatting patterns for tatted bookmarks which may incorporate several different types of needlework into the item, such as crochet, hairpin lace, rickrack and coronation cord.

All-tatted Hairpin Lace - Mary Maynard star[offsite link]
Mary Maynard poppularized a method of all tatted faux hairpin lace. Faux hairpin lace requires a picot gauge. She used a half inch one, wrapping the thread around it. So if the picot were to be stretched out, the picot would be one inch in width. This is important as the center has to lay flat and the picots work for this size picot and this size thread.

Carolyn Groves Vintage Water Mat star[offsite link]
This lovely little doily appeared in the August 1918 Needlecraft magazine as Water-set in Tatting and Crochet. There is an important note to consider before working this doily. Tatting patterns are fairly straight forward but the crochet part requires study first.

Crystal Delight star[offsite link]
Kim Millar´s lovely design Crystal Delight will require some knowledge of crochet to complete but it´s so pretty.

Eliz Davis´ Bookmark "Flaming Caverns" star[offsite link]
This bookmark by Eliz Davis uses both half-closed rings and crochet. Enjoy!

Ending Coronation Cord & Tatting Patterns star
Tips on handling the ends of coronation cord used in tatting patterns.

Ivy League Tatting star
Ivy Edge of Rick Rack and Tatted Rings from the January 1923 Illustrated Needleworker.

Jane Moody´s Bruges Crochet & Tatting star[offsite link]
Jane Moody is a published tatting designer. Here she offers suggestions on combining Bruges Crochet and Tatting for round motifs. Just add a tatted tail to it and you have an instant bookmark.

Jeanne Zukowski´s Crocheted and Tatted Bookmarks star[offsite link]
Jeanne has designed some really pretty bookmarks incorporating crochet and tatting techniques.

Needleweaving and Tatting Insertion star
The insertion pictured above was designed by Tina Frauberger. It is composed of two lines of an edging joined together by two floating rings. The open area between the center joins is filled with needle weaving. This needle weaving may be replaced with tatted rings.

Rick Rack & Tatting Bookmark Wally Sosa star
Rick Rack & Tatting Motif-Bookmark Wally Sosa.This pattern is from the files of the Online Tatting Class 2001 . It is a good beginning pattern.

Tat Plus Teneriffe Wheel - Bonnie Swank star
Bonnie Swank has prepared a round teneriffe wheel by laying foundation threads in the classic manner as shown in this vintage photo and then tatted a two round edging for it.

Tatted Angel with Hairpin Lace by Martha Ess star[offsite link]
Many thanks to Martha Ess for this delightful angel which combines tatting and hairpin lace.

Tatted Hanky with Needleweaving star[offsite link]
A vintage hanky with tatted blocks and needle weaving in the centers.

Tatted Lace Insertion with Needle Weaving star
The insertion pictured above was designed by Tina Frauberger. It is composed of two lines of an edging joined together by two floating rings. The open area between the center joins is filled with needle weaving. This needle weaving may be replaced with tatted rings.

Tatting & Hairpin Lace Bookmark by Roger Lloyd star[offsite link]
Although there is no pattern included this image shows how to create a bookmark with both hairpin lace and tatting. If you need help counting the ds please email me. Also, please join Roger´s Needle tatting group. It is a wonderful resource for tatters. http://needletatting.proboards.com

Tatting and Hairpin Lace Round Motif by Saundra Hameed star[offsite link]
Saundra Hameed prepared this beginner´s pattern for the online tatting class to practice on. Here the hairpin strip is gathered into a round and secured. Each loop of the hairpin lace joins to a tatted ring. This would be a great center motif on a larger doily or would look super as an individual motif made in multiples for a runner or table covering. And you could even add beads to create a holiday ornament!

Tatting and Hairpin Lacve Bookmark - Marcela Ouzts star[offsite link]
Marcella Ouzts for shared her design for a bookmark with the online tatting class. Marcella has been making small motifs like this to decorate the shuttle bags she has made for a recent exchange. You can lengthen the pattern as desired. There are 12 loops on each side. Each ring gathers in two loops when joining.

Tatting and Rickrack Needlecraft 1927 Feb star[offsite link]
This insertion, edging, corner tatting pattern can be turned into a bookmark easily. Tat length desired and end of leaving long tails or attach tassel.

Tatting and Tenerife sample Dagmar Pezzuto star[offsite link]
A sample project by Dagmar Pezzuto of Brazil showing tatted rounds joined to teneriffe rounds. It shows the many possibilities of these two in combination.

Tatting Plus Coronation Cord star
Tatting has been combined with vintage coronation cord with excellent results.

Tatting Plus Crochet star
New/Old Ideas for Tatting

Tatting Plus Hairpin Lace star[offsite link]
Many thanks to Harriet Sharp for sharing another lace piece tatted by Jane Kefford, a tatter who died at age 92. Here Jan combined a tatted outer edge with a hairpin lace inner lace strip. She gathered up 3-4 hairpin loops with each join to the tatting.

Tatting Plus Hairpin Lace aka Maltese Crochet star
Tatting has been combined with hairpin lace with surprising results. Hairpin Lace is also called Maltese Crochet. It uses a loom that was originally a U-shaped hairpin around which thread is wrapped and then brought together in the center using a crochet hook.

Tatting Plus Needleweaving star
Tatting has been combined with needle weaving with stunning results.

Tatting Plus Rickrack star
Tatting has been combined with rickrack with excellent results.

Tatting Plus Teneriffe star
Tatting has been combined with teneriffe lace. Teneriffe is a needle lace method in which a web of threads is worked out across a foundation which may be a piece of heavy cloth, a pin cushion or a specially designed form like a wheel or square

Technique of Teneriffe Lace star[offsite link]
I suggest the book "The Technique of Teneriffe Lace" by Alexandra Stillwell, which you can download for free from the online archive of weaving related documents courtesy of the author. Despite it´s complex appearance, teneriffe lace is an extremely simple lace to learn. This page contains her collection of vintage instructions and pattern booklets, plus pin templates that she has drawn herself. Instructions for using pin templates are included in Alexandra Stillwell´s book.

Teneriffe basics star[offsite link]
Teneriffe wheels are formed on a loom. They make excellent centers to be surrounded with tatting.

The Application of Coronation Cord for Modern Needlework and Trimmings star[offsite link]
Excelent book showing the use of coronation cord. Free download "The Application of Coronation Cord for Modern Needlework and Trimmings: Cover http://www.georgiaseitz.com/public/public/coronationcordbook/cover.gif Page 1 http://www.georgiaseitz.com/public/coronationcordbook/page1.gif Page 2 There are 20 pages posted; replace the number 1 in the previous link with numbers 2 through 20 for the additional pages.

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