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Vitamin Cocktails, Egg Quality and IVF Success
Top infertility clinics often recommend a cocktail of nutrients to improve egg quality and pregnancy rates in IVF - many of the recommendations are supported by studies in medical journals and are at the forefront of a new science: oocyte nutrition

Intralipids - How Often Should They Be Used
There are various theories regarding how often one should receive intralipid treatments, this study shows how long intralipid treatment remains effective for most women.

Sildenafil May Reduce Recurrent Miscarriage
Sildenafil has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of miscarriage in women with a history of recurrent loss, treatment for just one month improves uterine blood flow and positively affects the immunological environment by reducing NK cells and TNF-alpha activity while also increasing antioxidants.

Vitamins And Sildenafil May Boost Uterus Lining
Having a thin uterus lining - less than 9 mm - or poor uterine blood flow may lessen the chances of IVF success and increase miscarriage rates, this study demonstrates how vitamin E, L-arginine and Sildenafil suppositories may make a difference.

Thyroid Hormone Dose Change At Conception
A Harvard study has clearly shown that women with hypothyroidism should increase their thyroid hormone dose upon confirmation of pregnancy then contact their physician for regular monitoring and dose tweaking to stay pregnant and protect their baby from harm.

Sildenafil May Thicken A Thin Uterus Lining
Having a thin uterus lining - under 9 mm - is known to compromise IVF success and increase miscarriage rates, a novel treatment can often help.

Melatonin May Rejuvenate Female Fertility
Melatonin is a powerful ovarian antioxidant which is proven to protect egg quality, boost luteal hormone levels and IVF success.

Luteal Phase Defect Helped By Nutrients/HCG Shots
Luteal phase defect can be caused by poor blood ovarian flow. Specific nutrients have been demonstrated to correct poor ovarian blood flow and to boost flagging progesterone levels.

Thyroid Treatment Drops Miscarriage Rates
Prophylactic treatment with thyroid hormones can significantly drop miscarriage rates in women with mild thyroid dysfunctions, a TSH around 1.0 mIU/L may be protective.

Acupuncture Help For PCOS
Acupuncture can induce ovulation in many PCOS women avoiding or minimizing the need for clomid and gonadotropin injections. This study shows how over a third of PCOS women may benefit.

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