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Ovarian Stimulation Adversely Affects The Thyroid
Forty four percent of women with normal thyroid function may develop thyroid problems that are linked to increased miscarriage risks after ovarian hyperstimulation.

DHEA May Reduce Aneuploidy Risks
DHEA has been proven to lower the risk of aneuploidy which causes Down's syndrome and other chromosomal defects reducing risks for older women.

DHEA May Drop Miscarriage Rates
DHEA has been demonstrated to trigger a huge in drop miscarriage rates in women with diminished ovarian reserve by protecting chromosomes

DHEA May Help Diminished Ovarian Reserve
DHEA may have a powerful restorative effect on oocytes of women with poor ovarian reserve, significantly increasing pregnancy rates and dropping miscarriage rates.

Caffeine Reduces Female Fertility
Your daily caffeine fix could significantly lengthen the time it takes to conceive, it may be time to give up your cup of joe.

Antioxidant Deficiencies And Infertility
A lack of antioxidants can cause oxidative stress which may be at the root of much male and female infertility especially when pelvic blood flow is poor.

Day 3 Testosterone May Predict IVF Outcome
In poor responders - and women with low ovarian reserve - a day 3 testosterone test may predict the outcome of IVF. A low level may indicate that you would benefit from DHEA or testosterone pre-treatment.

Get Pregnant Faster With Fertility Vitamins
In a 2012 study, sub-fertile women who took a combination of multiple micro-nutrients, amino acids and antioxidants got pregnant faster and had a whopping 60% ongoing pregnancy rate after just 1-3 treatment cycles.

Slow Embryonic Growth Predicts Miscarriage
When an embryo is growing slowly it may indicate that blood flow which to the uterus is poor; correcting uterine blood flow may help a pregnancy to thrive.

Iron May Help Ovulatory Infertiltiy
Ensuring that iron levels are adequate may be a powerful way to resolve ovulatory infertility and restart ovulation naturally

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