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Orchid Myths
It is a general belief that orchids come from far off mysterious lands. But the truth is that there might be an orchid growing in your own backyard. Check out more such orchid myths and why they are just.....myths

Controlling the Flowering in Orchids
The flowering in orchids can be manipulated. They can be made to flower or the flowering can be inhibited by a number of factors. Read on to know more.

Enhancing the Life of Your Orchid Flowers
Many times we wish for our favourite orchid flowers to lasted a bit longer. Can the flowers be made to last for a longer time? Yes, they can be. Find out the different ways by which life of orchid flowers can be enhanced.

Aerides Multiflora - Fox Brush Orchid
Aerides multiflora is an orchid having beautiful and, if you are lucky, fragrant flowers.

African Orchid Species
A list of some of the orchids, epiphytes as well as terrestrials, which are found on the African continent. I have not grown these orchids personally, but I have tried to put together those species which are worth cultivating and would like to grow them myself.

Additions to Orchid Glossary
I have put together terms related to orchid growth, habit, habitat etc.

Identifying Orchids
Wild orchids are found growing every where. How do you identify whether the plant in your backyard or on your trekking route is an orchid? Read this article to find out how to identify a wild orchid.

Using Orchids and Their Flowers for Decorating
In the crowd of all the flowers blooming in spring, your orchid flowers are going to shine like the moon in a sky full stars. Check out some of my ideas on decorating using your orchids.

Effect of Low Temperatures on Orchids
Exposure to low temperatures can harm the orchids. I have mentioned symptoms, prevention and cure of cold related injuries in this article. Tropical orchids need to be protected more than temperate orchids, check the article to know why.

Ideal Plants to Grow
Orchids are ideal plants to grow for hobbyists and commercial growers, read on to know more on this.

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